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SEED Madagascar

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We aim to eradicate poverty, suffering and environmental damage in Madagascar

What makes us different?

We're a small organisation focused on just one region of one country.
We don't have fancy offices or high-paid staff, we spend more money on our projects.
We work with local people to find sustainable solutions.


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Success story: Renitantely

If I keep working at it, I will be able to lift myself out of poverty.

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Latest news

Sunday 22nd July 2018

One in three girls in Madagascar have their first child before they turn 18 years old. These young mothers are often forced out of school, s… read more

Saturday 21st July 2018

Stitch is empowering women both North and South of Madagascar. As the Stitch cooperative seeks to expand its domestic markets, partnerships … read more

Thursday 19th July 2018

SEED works with some of the most isolated communities in Madagascar. To reach these communities our staff face broken roads, collapsed bridg… read more