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SEED Madagascar

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Who we are

SEED Madagascar (Sustainable Environment, Education & Development in Madagascar) is an award-winning British registered charity (number 1079121) founded in 2000.

Operating in the south-east of Madagascar, we manage a wide range of sustainable development and conservation projects within the town of Fort Dauphin, as well as with numerous rural communities across the Anosy region. Alongside this, we aim to raise global awareness of Madagascar’s unique needs and build constructive partnerships to aid development. We can proudly state that 92% of all donations go directly to support our charitable aims and we constantly work to ensure that our administrative costs are kept as low as possible.

Our Vision

Communities and ecosystems thriving across Madagascar.

Our Mission

To enhance the capacity of individuals, communities, organisations and government in fulfilling sustainable environment, education and development goals in southeast Madagascar.

Our Team

Based in London and Madagascar, our team works with local partners to provide support at every stage of the project process, from initial development through to funding, implementation and evaluation. Our integrated approach ensures that all of SEED Madagascar’s projects have the full support of a wide range of people dedicated to ensuring their success, with operational models ranging from community co-management to full independence.

In London, we employ 3 staff members who are responsible for strategic planning, donor liaison, financial management, awareness raising, fundraising, and promoting SEED Madagascar’s international volunteering opportunities.

In Madagascar, we employ 4 international staff members who are responsible for building the capacity of SEED’s partner organisations, coordinating project development and managing SEED's team of international volunteers and specialists. We also employ 4 Malagasy staff and typically work with around 60 local professionals, supported by a team of 15 international specialists who add value in areas including donor relations and compliance.

Our approach

SEED Madagascar is dedicated to providing locally developed initiatives based on the expressed needs of our partner communities. Our approach is based on partnership, co-management and skill-sharing by individuals, communities and local organisations. The programmes that result from this approach will lead to lasting change, alleviating poverty and supporting environmental conservation for some of the world's most vulnerable people in threatened and irreplaceable environments.

A malagasy mother holds up her child

We achieve this in the following ways:

  • As a direct manager of charitable projects on the ground in Madagascar

These projects are governed by SEED Madagascar’s in-country team, who employ local and international staff to develop, run and evaluate the projects. We focus on capacity-building by supporting the professional development of individuals working within the projects.

  • As a financial and technical partner of local organisations running charitable projects in Madagascar

These projects are jointly governed by local organisations along with SEED Madagascar’s in-country senior management team. SEED Madagascar supports the development of the projects and oversees all funding and donor communication requirements, building the capacity of the local organisations to work towards independence.

  • As a technical partner of local organisations running independently-funded charitable projects in Madagascar

These projects are governed by local organisations that have independently developed and funded their programmes. SEED works in an advisory capacity, providing a unique blend of local experience and international knowledge in order to support these organisations in carrying out best practice.

By diversifying the way we work we are able to better fulfil our capacity building remit at all levels, making greater progress towards achieving our mission and realising our vision.

Our Goals