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SEED Madagascar

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London staff

SEED Madagascar's two full-time staff members in the small London office are responsible for strategic planning and financial management, awareness raising and fundraising, and promoting our international volunteering schemes. In addition there is usually another volunteer or two doing temporary work, so there's no surplus of space!

Photo of Mark Jacobs

Mark Jacobs

Managing Director

Mark, a qualified research ecologist, first went to Madagascar in 1998, leading a multi-disciplinary team of biologists to study the flora and fauna of the forests of the southeast.

He quickly fell in love with the island and in 1999, on return to the UK, started to work with SEED Madagascar developing the Project Lokaro initiative.

In 2000 he became Managing Director of SEED Madagascar and has worked since then with the SEED Madagascar board of trustees to ensure the smooth running of all aspects of the organisation. Overseeing the fundraising and marketing efforts, the volunteer programmes and the ongoing administration and development of the organisation, Mark ensures effective communication and general coordination between the trustees and SEED Madagascar.


Lindsey Graver

International Volunteer Coordinator

Since graduating from the University of Kent in 2010 Lindsey has been pursuing a career in the charity sector, supporting social impact in the UK and development overseas.

After leading a volunteering project in Tanzania as a student, Lindsey fell in love with East Africa and was inspired to continue work in the region- she has since returned to manage and lead youth volunteering programmes a number of times and generally finds any excuse she can to explore a little more of Africa!

In the UK Lindsey has managed staffing operations for a large youth organisation, resourced international development projects and worked as a freelance assessor of teachers and international volunteers before joining SEED Madagascar as International Volunteering Coordinator.

Jen Griffiths

Project Development and Admin Intern

Jen is interested in pursuing a career in environmental conservation in the charitable sector and is currently honing her skills in the London office. 

Following her BSc in Applied Ecology & Conservation, a Masters in Environmental Forestry and a few months in the Amazon rainforest she’s eager to do what she can to support efforts to manage and monitor the detrimental impact humans can have in environmentally fragile areas. Her interest in involving communities and people for both their own benefit and that of the natural world has led her to SEED Madagascar and she is enthusiastic about supporting their projects and scientific research. 

Rebecca Dallimore

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Rebecca graduated in 2013 from the University of Nottingham with a BSc in Environmental Science and MSc in Environmental Management. She spent the last four years working for a sustainability consultancy focusing on connecting businesses with development projects in their supply chain and implementing emission reduction programmes.

Pursuing a career in which she can combine her love of fashion and sustainability, in April of 2017 Rebecca moved away from corporate sustainability and now works part-time with an online ethical fashion marketplace where she partners with global independent fairtrade brands who employ artisans and bring traditional craftsmanship to the global market.

Rebecca discovered SEED Madagascar after looking for an organisation where tangible impacts are made on communities and the environment and now hopes to build out the Stitch Sainte Luce project reach within the UK and abroad.

Photo of Daniel Wood

Daniel Wood

Web Developer

Dan's association with SEED began in 2012, when he spent a month as a short-term construction volunteer. Impressed by SEED's holistic development approach and exciting programmes, he was keen to do more with the charity in future.

He later spent a year working out in Madagascar as volunteer coordinator for the Pioneer programme, leading international volunteer groups on construction, environment and community projects. Already captivated by the stunning wildlife and scenery, he came to think of the island as a second home.

On his return to the UK, he designed and developed the new website, and continues to be involved as a web administrator and Stitch Sainte Luce volunteer.


Zac Hill

Project Development Coordinator 

Zac has over three years' experience coordinating and managing projects at an international level. Having worked in Ghana, Uganda, and Tanzania, he has a solid understanding of the realities of how international development is delivered on the ground.

Zac's background is in business management; he holds First Class Honours in Business Management and Level 5 Diplomas in Management & Leadership and Professional Consulting. His main interest is in how lessons and approaches from this field can be applied to projects and organisations in the third sector.

SEED Madagascar's approach to community-led development is what inspired Zac to join the team, along with the opportunity to learn how a combination of multidisciplinary projects can come together to effectively develop a single geographical location.

joana_photo (1).jpg

Joana Fernandes

Project Development and Admin Intern

Joana graduated in 2010 with a BSc in Biology and in 2012 with a MSc in Applied Ecology from the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

In 2016, she moved to Mozambique, where she worked with environmental and biodiversity studies. She also has worked in Portugal giving support for a project aiming the conservation of the Iberian Wolf.  Joana has participated in voluntary programs with marine turtles in Turkey, in a reserve in Spain and with the Iberian lynx in Portugal.

Joana moved to London in 2018 aiming to join the charity sector and that's how she became a volunteer with SEED Madagascar. Here she's having the opportunity to understand how a charity runs and to be involved in an organization which work she believes is making a real difference in biodiversity conservation along with Malagasy livelihoods.