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SEED Madagascar

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London staff

SEED Madagascar's two full-time staff members in the small London office are responsible for strategic planning and financial management, awareness raising and fundraising, and promoting our international volunteering schemes. In addition there is usually another volunteer or two doing temporary work, so there's no surplus of space!

Photo of Mark Jacobs

Mark Jacobs

Managing Director

Mark, a qualified research ecologist, first went to Madagascar in 1998, leading a multi-disciplinary team of biologists to study the flora and fauna of the forests of the southeast.

He quickly fell in love with the island and in 1999, on return to the UK, started to work with SEED Madagascar developing the Project Lokaro initiative.

In 2000 he became Managing Director of SEED Madagascar and has worked since then with the SEED Madagascar board of trustees to ensure the smooth running of all aspects of the organisation. Overseeing the fundraising and marketing efforts, the volunteer programmes and the ongoing administration and development of the organisation, Mark ensures effective communication and general coordination between the trustees, SEED Madagascar and Azafady NGO.

Sue Beaumont

International Volunteer Coordinator

Sue joined us in June 2015 as International Volunteer Coordinator in the SEED Madagascar London office,having moved from her home in the north of England to pursue a career in International Development.

Sue is a graduate of Nottingham University and has 25 years business experience within the pharmaceutical industry, most recently as a respiratory specialist with GlaxoSmithKline.

In 2013 Sue took up an opportunity to volunteer with the UN supported Millennium Village Project in Mbola, Tanzania, where she project managed the roll out of a mobile health system to a team of Community Health Workers enabling them to accurately and rapidly record and analyse health data for their local community.

Sue brings a wealth of planning and organisational skills to ensure effective marketing and administration of our volunteer programmes (pre-departure), and supports our volunteer interns in the London office.

Nick Lynch-Staunton

Nick Lynch - Staunton

Project Development Coordinator

Nick graduated from his undergraduate degree in 2012 from the University of Manchester, after which he went out to Jordan to volunteer in the refugee camps set up for Syrian refugees. While he worked in a number of different roles, his focus was on distributing essential non-food items.

Returning to Manchester to do a master’s degree in international development, he was particularly impressed by the importance of participatory development and community empowerment. This move away from `donor-driven, top-down development` was what inspired Nick to join SEED as Project Development Officer out in Madagascar. His time out in Madagascar was truly life-changing, giving him the opportunity to gain the skills and experience to build a career in the international development sector.

After nine months, Nick returned to the UK, where he continues to work for SEED as the Project Development Officer in the London Office. Nick is really enjoying his new role and the challenges it brings as he forges the links between the Project Development team in Madagascar, SEED’s London team and its partners.

Jimmy Laycock

Project Development and Admin Intern

Jimmy graduated in 2014 from the University of Leeds with a BA in Human Geography, then completed his MSc at the University of Amsterdam.

Pursuing a career in international development with a particular focus on Africa, a continent that he has strong family ties to,he worked as an Africa Programme Intern at the International Development Law Organisation in Rome developing skills required for international development project implementation.

Jimmy came across SEED Madagascar after looking for a smaller and more close-knit organisation where his work could have a real impact. The holistic and socio-ecological approach of SEED Madagascar was particularly appealing as he seeks to understand the complex and interlinking facets of development.

Marina Rodes

Marina Rodes

Project Development and Admin Intern

Marina graduated in 2015 from Pompeu Fabra University with a Bachelor degree in Economics. She moved to London and is now studying for her MSc degree in Health Economics.

Marina is a very curious person, interested in cultures from all around the world, which is why she has twice been involved in humanitarian aid work. She has worked on social programs like community health and women’s rights,in both El Salvador and in India.

By combining her studies with volunteering Marina is maintaining her passion and interests in the international development field.

Debbie Headey

Debbie Headey

Project Development and Admin Intern

Debbie graduated from the University of Manchester in 2011 with a BA in English Literature, and then went on to earn a Master’s degree from the University of Leeds studying Global Development.

Debbie aims for a career in international development- a desire immensely strengthened after her voluntary work in Nepal and Lesotho where she worked with children and women on empowerment, community health and education: these became central topics of her Master’s research.

Wanting to be part of a grass-roots and holistic organisation that focused on empowerment, participatory action and conservation, Debbie decided to apply for SEED Madagascar as she was incredibly excited by their ethos, programmes and methodology.