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SEED Madagascar

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London staff

SEED Madagascar's two full-time staff members in the small London office are responsible for strategic planning and financial management, awareness raising and fundraising, and promoting our international volunteering schemes. In addition there is usually another volunteer or two doing temporary work, so there's no surplus of space!


Mark Jacobs

Managing Director

Mark, a qualified research ecologist, first went to Madagascar in 1998, leading a team of biologists to study the flora and fauna of the southeast.

On return to the UK, Mark started to work with SEED developing Project Lokaro. He then became Managing Director and has worked since with the board of trustees to ensure the smooth running of all aspects of the organisation. Overseeing the fundraising and marketing efforts, volunteer programmes and ongoing development of the organisation, Mark ensures effective communication and between trustees and SEED.


Zac Hill

Project Development Coordinator 

Zac has over three years' experience coordinating and managing projects in Ghana, Uganda, and Tanzania. He holds First Class Honours in Business Management and Level 5 Diplomas in Management & Leadership and Professional Consulting. His main interest is how this field can be applied to projects and organisations in the third sector.

SEED Madagascar's approach to community-led development inspired Zac to join the team in 2018, along with the opportunity to learn how a combination of multidisciplinary projects can come together to develop a single geographical location.

Rebecca Dallimore

Corporate Funding Officer

Rebecca graduated in 2013 from the University of Nottingham with a BSc in Environmental Science and MSc in Environmental Management before working for a sustainability consultancy. In 2017 Rebecca moved away from corporate sustainability and now works part-time with an online ethical fashion marketplace where she partners with global independent fair-trade brands.

Rebecca discovered SEED Madagascar after looking for an organisation where tangible impacts are made on communities and the environment and now hopes to build out the Stitch Sainte Luce project reach within the UK and abroad.

Sarah King-min.jpg

Sarah King

Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah is currently studying for her masters degree with Edinburgh University. With over three years experience working as a volunteer coordinator and programmes manager for conservation organisations, in both Costa Rica and Malawi, Sarah has returned back to the UK to continue her work. 

Sarah visited Madagascar in 2011 on an expedition and has since wanted to work for an organisation that protects this amazing country. With SEED Madagacar's approach to working on conservation, community development and construction programme Sarah can not wait to coordinator volunteers to go out and join these amazing programmes.

Poppy Hall-min.jpg

Poppy Hall

Project Development and Admin Intern

Poppy's interest in international development was sparked through volunteering on arts education projects in Kenya and Malawi where she gained practical experience of running
development projects on the ground. She then studied for her degree in Geography, focusing on the relationship between people and the environment.

After a brief spell of work in responsible tourism, she joined SEED Madagascar in October 2018, excited to work with an organisation committed to ensuring the sustainable development of communities and their environments.

Quinn Parker-min.jpg

Quinn Parker

Project Development and Admin Intern

Quinn recently graduated from Princeton University in with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. During her undergraduate years, Quinn conducted dissertation research in Madagascar on habitat fragmentation, exposing her to the  challenging nature of conservation and sustainable development in the country. This experience kindled an interest in the region and a desire to become involved in the field.

After working in environmental education in the Americas, Quinn travelled to the UK to pursue a Master’s in Conservation at UCL. She joined SEED Madagascar in 2018, drawn by their community-driven approach to development.

Rosie Dupont.jpg

Rosie Dupont

Project Development and Admin Intern

Rosie is an International Development student at Sussex University, currently on a Professional Placement year while working for SEED. She has always been passionate about helping those most in need, which has fuelled involvement in many volunteering programmes; including an Elephant Rescue Park in Thailand and a children’s centre in the township Masiphumelele, South Africa. 

Rosie is especially excited to be working with SEED as she believes their model of holistic, community led development makes them a unique place to learn about the field.