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SEED Madagascar

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Madagascar staff

SEED's staff in Madagascar work on the ground to design, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate projects, either independently with its local staff or alongside partner organisations. Collaboration between international and Malagasy teams ensures projects and programmes are underpinned by both essential regional knowledge and international best practice - both necessary to achieve our goals. SEED's specialist international staff and volunteers build capacity with local staff members and partners to promote sustainability.

Core staff

Lisa (1).jpg

Lisa Bass

Director of Programmes and Operations

Lisa joined SEED Madagascar as a volunteer in 2007 before returning in 2008 to complete policy and procedure work across the NGO. Inspired by the team and work they were doing, Lisa became the Director of Programmes and Operations for SEED Madagascar in 2009.

Since then she has led the international team, jointly developing the organisation together with the Malagasy management team in implementing cutting edge projects and ensuring that SEED is leading development innovation, research and learning.

Photo of Joel Rajaobelina

Joel Claude Parany Rajaobelina

Head of Finance, Administration and HR

In 2009 Joel was offered the position of Financial Systems Analyst for SEED Madagascar having previously worked for Colis Express in Antananarivo and the Procurement Department of Kentz.

He implemented a new series of financial procedures for the organisation and in January 2011 he took on the position of Head of Finances to oversee the budgets and accounts of the NGO. Joel joined SEED in 2017 as Head of Administration and Finance.

Joeline Razafimihanta min copy.jpg

Joeline Razafimihanta

Financial and Administrative Assistant


Joeline is from Fort Dauphin and studied Accounting and Finance at the Lycée Technique in town. After completing her studies in 2015, she worked as an Administrative Assistant at the Kaleta Hotel before joining SEED Madagascar in October 2016.

Since then, Joeline has been working for SEED Madagascar as Financial and Administrative assistant.

Tsina Endor

Head of External Relations, Communications and Compliance

Tsina started as Secretary to the Director in 2005 before taking on the role as the Head of Volunteering in 2007. In 2017, she joined SEED as Head of External Relations, Communications and Compliance.

Tsina looks after all the volunteers on SEED Madagascar's Community Development and Conservation Programmes. The job is very varied and Tsina likes meeting new people and making friends from all over the world.

Felana Randriamampionona

External Relations, Communications and Compliance Assistant

Felana grew up in Fort Dauphin and joined SEED Madagascar in May 2017 as the new External Relations, Communications and Compliance Assistant. Her role is to support the Head of ERCC across all areas of SEED Madagascar´s outward facing relationships and logistical tasks.

 Felana loves the diversity of her role and challenges her work presents her with. Her favourite part is helping the team ensure operations run smoothly.

Tahina Nomenjanahary -min copy.jpg

Tahina Nomenjanahary 

Office Assistant

Tahina joined SEED Madagascar as Office Assistant in the Finance Department after working for ONG Azafady, where she helped with office mantainance. 

She likes the experience she has gained at SEED and ensuring good communications around the office.

Ellie Kearns copy.jpg

Ellie Kearns

International Operations Manager 

Ellie graduated from the University of Leeds in 2018 with a BSc in Economics where she also spent a year studying abroad at the University of New Mexico. Whilst at university she spent time volunteering in Uganda on school infrastructure projects and was involved with various fundraising events. 

Ellie developed a passion for international development whilst travelling to different countries. She is excited to work in a new place and get involved with Malagasy culture.

Dan Wood copy.jpg

Daniel Wood

IT, Website & Media Senior Support Officer

Dan spent a month as a short-term construction volunteer in 2012 and was impressed by SEED's holistic development approach and exciting programmes. He later spent a year working out in Madagascar as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Community Development programme, leading international volunteer groups on construction, environment and community projects.

On his return to the UK, he designed and developed the website. In January 2019, Dan returned to Madagascar to work in the Fort Dauphin offices!

Hannah Shepherd copy.JPG

Hannah Shepherd

Communications and Media Officer

Hannah graduated from the University of York with a BA in History of Art in 2017 before completing an internship at an international art gallery. Having always volunteered for local environmental groups, during a three-month sustainable livelihoods project in Nepal she decided to pursue a passion for international development.

Hannah is keen to learn more about Malagasy biodiversity and culture and thrilled to develop her skills in a role that allows insight into all of SEED’s projects.

Community Health

Dr Mamy Soafaly Andriatsihosena

Head of Community Health

Since 2003 Mamy worked as a mobile doctor, spending four years visiting remote villages across Anosy. Since 2006 he represented ONG Azafady as Executive Secretary for the regional WASH committee and became Project Coordinator for Mampisaina in 2008.

Dr Mamy was then promoted to Head of Community Health, overseeing the implementation of SEED’s community health initiatives. Mamy has felt himself develop professionally and enjoys working with the international staff in the office.

Jacki Crowell-min.jpg

Jacki Crowell

Head of Project Development (Community Health and Education)

Before graduating with an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge, Jacki worked for over three years in Madagascar with the Peace Corps. In addition to teaching English, she led youth development, nutrition and sustainable livelihoods projects throughout the country. Jacki has also assisted in implementing large-scale criminal justice reform projects in the United States.

These experiences have shown Jacki the need for sustainable, community-driven approaches in addressing Madagascar’s healthcare challenges.

Tsinjo Rahaingoarivelo

Project Coordinator (Project Safidy)

After graduating from the University of Antananarivo, Tsinjo started her professional career working for six years as a Digital Marketing Designer. In 2013, she coordinated the Surf Smart Project across Madagascar, which involved developing and delivering curricula for girls aged 12-25 on the safe use of social media.

Tsinjo pursued a professional career which focussed on working closely with local communities. She joins us at SEED as Project Coordinator for Project Safidy.

Arnet min.jpg

Arnet Lambo

Senior Community Liason Officer (Project Safidy)

Arnet worked for ONG ASOS in the southern Anosy and Androy region, interviewing authorities and conducting research about how sexual health is communicated in the area.

Arnet has since worked for SEED Madagascar on a number of projects as a Community Liason Officer; including Project Fatsaka and Project Votsira. He likes communicating Project Safidy findings and information to the beneficiaries.

Soavoatsy Maka

Community Liaison Officer (Project Safidy)

Maka studied at Fort Dauphin’s Lycée Pole, where he received his baccalaureate degree in 2014. He has worked with ONG ASOS as a technician on their collaboration with UNFPA, and as a trainer in nutrition, WASH and family planning in Ambovombe before moving on to FVFO in Amboasary in 2016.

He joins SEED as a Community Liaison Officer for Project Safidy, where he hopes to reinforce his knowledge and skills and work closely with the international team.

Nicole Axford-min.jpg

Nicole Axford

Project Development Officer (Project Safidy)

Nicole completed her BSc in Exercise & Sports Science in 2013, before travelling and volunteering at schools through Asia and the Americas. When working with local NGO's in Sydney, she decided to pursue community health and development before completing her Masters in International Public Health.

Nicole was drawn to SEED's ethos of developing projects with a community focus and is excited to work closely with the national staff; learning as much as possible about project implementation in Madagascar.

Theodore Rakotonirina

Project Coordinator (Project Mitao)

In 2004, Theodore became a Social Organiser for ONG ASOS, raising awareness of STI-HIV / AIDS among young people, as well as fighting malnutrition in young children. He has since been a Credit Officer for GRET and a Social Mobilisation Assistant for CARE International. Theodore returned to Fort Dauphin to work for PIC Project as a Consultant for urban development before joining SEED as a CLO Manager for Project Malio.

Theodore wants to develop his knowledge and experiences working with an international team.

Photo of Gerard Andriatsiory

Gerard Andriatsiory

Project Coordinator (Project Votsira)

After studying rural development, Gerard went on to specialise as a Technical Manager in healthcare in Toliara providing support for those living with HIV. He joined SEED in 2014 to manage Project Safidy within the Community Health department which works to improve sexual health education through student peer educators in Fort Dauphin.

Gerard enjoys working with like-minded individuals and is impressed by the strong sense of team-spirit and solidarity amongst his colleagues.

Jeanella Anjaratiana-min.jpg

Jeanella Lucia Anjaratiana 

Senior Community Liason Officer (Project Votsira)

Before joining SEED Madagascar, Jeanella received her paramedic license at the midwifery school, Ismatec, in Antananarivo. 

She now works as the Senior CLO on Project Votsira, educating and communiticating with the project's communities. She enjoys this aspect of SEED Madagascar and Project Votsira, particularly spreading knowledge amongst mothers and caregivers.


Jasmine Kelly

International Maternal and Child Health Specialist 

Jasmine graduated with a BA in Anthropology from Vanderbilt University where she developed an interest in community health and medical anthropology. From there, she continued on to Emory University, earning an MPH in Behavioural Science and Health Education in 2018.

She developed a passion for holistic health programs, working for EMBRACE as birthing assistant for refugee women in Atlanta and as a research assistant for a local NGO. She is excited to join the Project Votsira team and contribute to the great work at SEED.

Katie Humphries-min.jpg

Katie Humphries

Project Development Officer (Community Health and Sustainable Livelihoods)

Katie graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in International Development with Sociology, before working for a range of charitable organisations across the UK. She then went on to complete her MSc in International Development at the University of Bristol.

Katie is passionate about women’s empowerment and gender equality and was drawn to SEED’s sustainable and community-led approach to development. 

Colleen Keating copy-min.jpg

Colleen Keating

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist (Project Mitao)

Colleen studied international relations and medical anthropology at Boston University, where she completed her thesis about the effects of urban migration on indigenous birth outcomes in Ecuador.

In 2018, Colleen completed her master’s in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. While in London, Colleen worked as a monitoring and evaluations intern for a UK non-profit. Colleen is passionate about evidence-based sustainable development and excited to join SEED Madagascar.




Andrianarivelo Zafindrazana Charlier 

WASH Officer

Nary worked with Catholic Relief Services in Ambovombe before joining SEED in 2011. He started as Agricultural Extension Manager within the sustainable livelihoods department, overseeing all rural activities including upland rice cultivation training and vegetable gardens.

Nary joined the community health team in December 2011 as Health Education Manager and now coordinates various health education activities. 

Harry Chaplin

WASH Programme Manager

Harry first volunteered with SEED in 2011 before getting his Master's in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Exeter. During his Masters, Harry wrote a feasibility study on the improvement of drinking water provision in Sainte Luce. He went on to design a rainwater harvesting system before obtaining the funding needed to implement the project.

Harry ran Project Tatirano from 2015, before becoming WASH Programme Manager in 2018.

Mamonjisoa Tsilahatsy-min.jpg

Mamonjisoa Tsilahatsy

Senior Community Liason Officer (Project Tatirano)

Until 2015 Mamonjisoa worked with both ONG CIELO-TERRA and ONG Aquatic Service training fishers improved fishing techniques before joining UNICEF. At UNICEF he led 'triggering' using a Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach. He then joined ONG Azafady managing a variety of WASH project focus groups.

Since 2017, Mamonjisoa has worked with SEED Madagascar managing education sessions for Project Tatirano. He enjoys supporting social change on different projects.

Giona min.jpg

Giona Randriamanampy

Senior Community Liason Officer (Project Tatirano)

Before joining SEED Madagascar, Giona worked with CARE International surveying for their Project FIHAMI and later in an administrative role. 

Giona now works as a Senior Community Liason Officer in the WASH department and he is passionate about social action and sanitation development. He particularly enjoys WASH and environmental education.


Toltara Randriamanjaka-min.jpg

Tolotra Randriamanjaka Lalaina Aritoltra Carnot 

Community Loan and Marketing Officer (Project Tatirano)

Before joining Project Tatirano, Tolotra was Media and Marketing Officer for Project Malio. He organised and developed the communication plan for Malio and helped design a radio drama series for the project that was broadcast across local radio in Fort Dauphin.

Tolotra likes working with SEED Madagascar, as an organisation that helps communities and protects the local environment.

Fidelos small-min.jpg

Fidelos Wilmin Ramanantsiadiana

Director in Chief for installations for Project Tatirano

Fidelos went to school in Manambaro and at the Lutherien Ambohimazava College in Fort Dauphin where he studied masonry and carpentry. He then joined ONG PACT Madagascar in 2003 working on their tree nurseries and later as a deliverer for Telma. In 2011, Fidelos joined the construction team at ONG Azafady and later the construction team at SEED Madagascar.

Fidelos really enjoys the teamwork and hanging out with colleagues at SEED.

Paula de Amuedo-min.jpg

Paula de Amuedo 

Project Development Officer (WASH)

Paula is a qualified civil engineer who decided to apply her skills to the international development sector, changing London for the beautiful Fort Dauphin and a traditional construction company for the inspiring SEED Madagascar.

Used to living in different countries and exploring different cultures, Paula is excited to learn from the national staff and be part of the WASH team. Particularly working towards improving the access to clean water and sanitation in the south east of Madagascar.

Harriet Foden small-min.jpg

Harriet Foden

Project Development Officer (WASH)

Harriet graduated from Newcastle University in 2014 with a BSc in Economics. Having worked for a variety of private and non-profit organisations in India, Cambodia and the UK, she decided to focus on pursuing a career in international development.  

Harriet is excited to join the WASH team at SEED and work with the national staff to improve access to WASH in schools in Madagascar. 

School, Sanitation & Water Infrastructure

Lomba (1).jpg

Mahalomba Hasoavana (Lomba)

Head of Construction

Lomba started working for ONG Azafady in July 2001 as a guide on the Pioneer scheme. In 2006 he was appointed as Team Leader where he successfully coordinated a latrine construction project for ONG Azafady in Fort Dauphin until 2009.

He was promoted to Head of Construction in October 2010, and oversees the implementation of the NGO's various construction initiatives including schools, classroom furniture, wells and latrines.

Ameilia Guidici-min.jpg

Amelia Guidici

Project Development Officer (Education and Construction)

Amelia graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2018 with a degree in Philosophy. Since leaving university she has worked as a freelance researcher on a number of different projects. It was whilst working on a research and development project for a UNICEF campaign that she became interested in learning more about international development.

Amelia is therefore incredibly excited by this opportunity to work for and learn from SEED Madagascar, particularly due to their community-driven approach.

Environment & Sustainable Livelihoods


Octave Rabetany

Head of Environment, Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods

Octave graduated from the University of Antananarivo in 2003 after studying Agronomy, before joining CARE International in 2005. Most recently he worked as a technical manager for the FRDA project as part of the ASARA project. Octave joined SEED Madagascar as Head of Environment and Conservation in 2018.

Octave leads the structuring and management of the department to effectively implement project activities, supervision and monitoring and evaluation. He also assists with report writing and works collaboratively with government departments and partner institutions.

Photo of Sylvestre

Sylvestre Mbola

Rural Livelihoods Coordinator

Sylvestre joined ONG Azafady in 2002 after working across a variety of conservation and sustainable livelihoods programmes. In 2007 Sylvestre progressed to the role of Team Leader across the organisation’s conservation and natural resource management programmes in Sainte Luce.

Throughout his time in the area, he developed close relationships with local communities and in 2011, Sylvestre took on the role of Sainte Luce Community Agent. 2013 saw Sylvestre tackle Project Oratsimba before joining SEED as Rural Livelihoods Coordinator.


James Benton

Senior Project Development Officer

James graduated from the University of Exeter with a BSc in Geography in 2016 where he developed an interest in environmental management and sustainable development. Following graduation, James worked at an engineering firm undertaking environmental and social impact assessments for African construction projects.

James is thrilled to be working with an NGO that takes a holistic approach to the environmental and development challenges facing Madagascar. 

Jeremie min.jpg

Jeremie Richardson Ndriamanja

Project Coordinator (Project Oratsimba)

Jeremie graduated from the University of Toliara specialising in marine resource management. While studying, he worked as consultant for WWF Toliara and carried out small scale fisheries monitoring in several fishers villages around Toliara.

Jeremie worked within the Centre National de Recheches Océanographiques in Nosy-Be before joining SEED as a Fisheries Specialist. He was then promoted to Project Coordinator and is committed to engaging local fishers in community resource management.

Rova min.jpg

Rovahasina Nathalie Ralaindimby

Education Specialist (Project Oratsimba)​​​​​

Responsible for the technical training of Riaky (fishermen) committee members to maintain the sustainability of marine resources. Rova provides training for pre-collectors in order to highlight the importance of marine resources. She is also in charge of Social Education and works closely with CISCO and Chef within schools.

Rova is committed to community mobilisation for behaviour change through community meetings, focus group discussion, and mass awareness.

Jess Savage min.jpg

Jessica Savage

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist (Project Oratsimba)

Jessica completed a Masters in Ecosystem-based Managed of Marine Systems at the University of St Andrews and the Scottish Association for Marine Science where she investigated stakeholder expectations for fisheries management post-Brexit.  She has recently returned from working as a Team Leader on a WASH project in Nepal with Raleigh International.

Jessica is passionate about sustainable fisheries and is excited to gain experience in working with a variety of stakeholders. 

Annelin Verkade-min.jpg

Annelin Verkade

Project Development Intern (Project Oratsimba and Project Ala)

Annelin graduated from Leiden University in 2017 with an MSc in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. For her Master’s thesis she conducted research on the consequences of land concessions in a national park in Cambodia. Throughout her studies she has been interested in sustainable livelihoods; she has also worked on a sustainable livelihoods project in Nepal.

Annelin was drawn to SEED’s community-driven approach and will be working on Project Ala and Project Oratsimba.


Christin Andry

Sainte Luce Data Collector (Project Oratsimba)

Born and raised in the fishing community of Manafiafy, Christin has worked for SEED since 2015 as Sainte Luce Data Collector for Project Oratsimba. As the first point of contact between fishers and project, Christin has fostered exceptional relationships with the people whose livelihoods are tied to the lobster fishery.

He ensures that a robust methodology to collecting data is in place, which is integral to the health of the fishery and successes of Project Oratsimba.

Juvenal Eliasy

Project Renitantely Coordinator

Juvenal grew up in Fort Dauphin and graduated from Lycée Pole with his Baccalauréat. He worked for various organisations where he received training in facilitation, communication and staff management. He joined ONG Azafady in 2010 where he worked as a community agent on a number of projects.

In 2017 he became the Community Liaison Officer for SEED Madagascar's Livelihoods Department and later, Coordinator for Project Renitantely. He enjoys this role because he gets to work closely with people.

Darcy Gray

Beekeeping Specialist

Darcy graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Environmental Biology in 2018 and spent a semester studying Urban Sustainability at the University of Cape Town.

Over her summers, Darcy gained field experience on an urban ecology research team in Australia, and interned with NASA, completing a research project about climate change and habitat loss. Darcy was the president of the Tulane Beekeeping Club and now she’s buzzing with excitement to join the Project Renitantely Team as a specialist. 

Haussman min.jpg

Gerard Haussmann 

Beekeeping Technician 

Osmar studied agronomy at the University of Antananarivo before going on to work for YMCA and L’Agence Capsule, also in the city. Osmar joined SEED Madagascar in 2018 as a beekeeping technician for Project Renitantely, working in the villages of Sainte Luce, Mahialambo and Farafara Vatambe.

He likes working for SEED, as an organisation that helps the poorest in the region improve their income whilst helping the environment Osmar is passionate about.

Victorie min.jpg

Victoire Toto Randrianarson

Beekeeping Technician

Victorie studied at the Lycee in Amboasary for his Baccalaureate before working at FAFAFI as a technician in Tsivory where he was an enumerator for L’Instat. Victorie joined SEED Madagascar in 2018 as a beekeeping technician for Project Renitantely, working in the villages of Tsanoriha, Beandry and Mananara.

He likes that, with SEED Madagascar, he can work on improving local agricultural practices.

Cameron Bell-min.jpg

Cameron Bell

Project Development Officer (Project Renitantely)

Cameron studied International Relations at Durham University. After graduating, he volunteered in Uganda helping to establish a microfinance enterprise which supported community members in starting their own small businesses. Following this, he spent time in Mongolia teaching English and working for a management training company.

Cameron was attracted to SEED’s commitment to sustainability, running through all its projects, and is excited to learn more about Malagasy culture and Madagascar’s unique biodiversity.


Photo of Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown

Project Stitch Sainte Luce Coordinator

Since studying Textile Design at Glasgow School of Art, Sarah has been working with fabric and stitch. She gained a first class degree in Embroidery, and did a postgraduate course in Creative Business Development in 2007. She then worked as a freelance artist alongside lecturing positions at Leeds College of Art and Manchester Metropolitan University. After volunteering with SEED in 2011, Sarah was inspired to start an embroidery project in Sainte Luce.

She passionately believes in both the tangible and intangible benefits of creative practice.

Paula Amour

Project Stitch Sainte Luce Project Assistant

Paula has been working with Stitch Sainte Luce from the outset, initially as a translator before becoming Project Assistant. Paula developed her English and French language skills working in the hospitality industry in Fort Dauphin and is now an accomplished embroider herself.

Supporting her family as a single parent, Paula is a wonderful role model for young women in the community who regularly ask her for informal advice on a range of matters.


Andrivola Tahinjanahary

Project Stitch Sainte Luce English Teacher

Andri studied construction for three years before deciding to study English the English Centre in Fort Dauphin. He then joined SEED Madagascar in 2018 as the English teacher for Project Stitch Sainte Luce.

Andri likes to work in the bush and helping with construction when he can! He likes that SEED Madagascar co-workers always help each other and he’s always learning new things.

Saadiya Sy-min.jpg

Saadiya Sy

International Women's Livelihoods Specialist (Project Stitch Sainte Luce)

After graduating in Marketing Management, Saadiya worked for 3 years as a Brand Specialist within the apparel sector. Her interest in international development grew as she wanted to learn more about the working conditions of the individuals who made the garments she promoted.

Subsequently, she travelled Africa where she helped local artisans develop their work to a standard fit for the international market place.  

Saadiya is thrilled to be working with an NGO that aims to solve developmental problems holistically.

Laza Andriamboavonjy

Project Coordinator (Project Ala)

Laza received his Baccalaureate from Saint Joseph de Cluny Fianarantsoa in 2010. He co-founded the Tea&Talk English club in Fianarantsoa and during his time as Vice President, Laza received certificates for his participation, as a teaching guide at Anja Park and for his excellence in English Language.

He later worked as a technician and representative for the French association Un Filleul Pour Madagascar where he taught students about tree nurseries before joining SEED in 2017. 

Sam Ambler-min.jpg

Sam Ambler

Forestry Specialist 

Sam graduated from the University of Cumbria with a BSc in Animal Conservation Science, where her placement year was assisting on a PhD project focused on lemur behaviour in Ranomafana. She returned to Madagascar to volunteer on a reforestation project, subsequently becoming the reforestation supervisor soon after.

In 2018, she graduated from the University of South Wales with an MSc in Wildlife and Conservation Management. Sam is excited to push herself in a new environment and work within a bigger team.

Jan Hendrickx-min.jpg

Jan Hendrickx

Project Development Officer (Project Mahampy)

Jan studied International Politics at Leuven University in Belgium where he developed an interest in developing countries and other cultures. Building from this growing passion, he first worked as an intern for the Belgian Government Department of Foreign Affairs before volunteering in Zambia. 

Jan is excited to gain an insight into Madagascar’s culture and language and feels fortunate to be able to participate in SEED’s interesting and incredible work.


Photo of Aime


Community Development Guide

Aimé cares about the local region and wants to help SEED achieve its goals. Before joining the NGO team, he worked in several different jobs but mainly as a tourist guide, taking groups around southern Madagascar for the past 18 years. He started working for ONG Azafady as a Conservation Programme guide in 2011, before SEED in 2017.

He thoroughly enjoys this job which combines his passions; supporting his local region, caring for the environment and working with people.

Photo of Sam Hyde Roberts

Sam Hyde Roberts

Executive Conservation Programme Coordinator

Sam is an aspiring evolutionary biologist and passionate conservationist with a broad range of taxonomic interests. Having worked on a diverse array of projects across the globe, Sam has returned to the UK to fulfil the role of SEED's Executive Conservation Programme co-ordinator.

Sam wishes to further investigate the effect of habitat loss and deforestation and contribute to the long-term survival of Madagascar's exceptional biological diversity. Parallel to his research work Sam is a keen wildlife photographer.

Photo of Hoby


Conservation Programme Team Leader

Hoby joined ONG Azafady in 2008 as a guide for Lemur Ventures and continued in this role when SEED's Conservation Programme was introduced. He became interested in Malagasy wildlife when a friend of his worked as a guide at Andohahela National Park and Hoby visited him every weekend.

Hoby enjoys working with the volunteers in Sainte Luce, sharing experiences with them and teaching volunteers about Malagasy biodiversity, traditions and culture. He can often be seen around camp playing music.


Community Development Team Leader

Born in the Spiny forest, Yvon joined SEED in 2005. Before SEED, he was a guide in a local National Park where he perfected his language skills working in hospitality. He likes to interact with the children, youth and elders of the community in order to educate and empower them.

Yvon enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of Malagasy culture with the volunteers and is passionate about learning new languages such as French, English and Spanish.

RETSIRAIKY Jean Rossizela-min.jpg


Conservation Programme Guide

Tsiraiky learnt English in Fort Dauphin from a neighbour before studying tourism at the University of Antananarivo. He then returned to Fort Dauphin to work as a freelance guide. Wanting to improve his knowledge about research and conservation, Tsiraiky joined SEED Madagascar in 2013.

His favourite part of working with SEED is the lemur research and conservation. Around the Sainte Luce camp you will find Tsiraiky sharing knowledge and helping new volunteers learn about Madagascar.

Kathryn Strang-min.jpg

Kathryn Strang

Conservation Research Coordinator

Before joining SEED, Kathryn completed her PhD in New Zealand studying invasive feral cats and their effects on kiwi birds and other natives. She was also the science advisor for Stay Wild NGO in Sumatra, Indonesia, working in protecting a karst forest ecosystem. She has a diverse background in conservation, working on projects in Peru, Slovakia, and Swaziland.

Kathryn has always had an interest in NGO work, and was particularly drawn to SEED because of their focus on community, conservation, and research.

Callum Nixon-min.jpg

Callum Nixon

Conservation Research Assistant

Callum graduated from Sheffield University in 2018 with a Masters in Ecology. Having always loved being outdoors and working with wildlife, he has volunteered with a number of organisations and has worked and studied in the UK, New Zealand and Brazil.

He joined SEED to further his passion for international wildlife conservation and to try and help increase research about such an incredibly unique ecosystem.

Kashmir Flint-min.jpg

Kashmir Flint

Senior Conservation Research Assistant 

Kashmir completed a BSc in Wildlife Conservation at the University of Kent. After graduating, she worked as an Environmental Educator at a small nature reserve, whilst also working in up to four voluntary positions at any one time.

She has been the Secretary for a community woodland project in the UK for seven years, as well as volunteering with schemes in Canada and Costa Rica based around wildlife rehabilitation and macaw conservation.