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SEED Madagascar

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Partner organisation ONG Azafady

Local partners

SEED Madagascar's projects are designed to work with communities, partners and regional authorities to assess local needs, ensure community ownership and assist the government in their development aims. By working with local partners we make sure our projects, from beginning to end, address challenges as prioritised by the community.

ONG Azafady is an independent Malagasy association established in 1996. It employs some 60 local staff, all experts in their fields, who are responsible for implementing SEED projects on the ground as well as providing information for regular reports in line with every donor's individual requirements. They are supported by SEED's in-country representatives who assist with project development and provide a link between the two organisations.

Project Malio

SEED Madagascar’s urban sanitation and hygiene project; working with local residents, organisations, schools and government to promote latrine use, educate on better hygiene practices and reduce open defecation across Fort Dauphin.

Implementing partner: ONG Azafady

Dr Mamy Soafaly Andriatsihosena

Head of Community Health
ONG Azafady

Mamy qualified as a doctor from the University of Mahajanga in 2003. He was subsequently employed by ONG Azafady as a mobile doctor and for the next 4 years visited remote villages across the region who would not otherwise have access to medical care. Mamy also trained community pharmacists and traditional midwives while supporting local health centres. Since 2006 he has represented ONG Azafady as Executive Secretary for the regional WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for All) committee and in 2008 he was offered the position of Project Coordinator for Mampisaina, ONG Azafady's HIV prevention and sexual behaviour change programme. Dr Mamy was promoted to Head of Community Health for ONG Azafady in January 2011 and now oversees the implementation of the NGO's full range of community health initiatives. Throughout all of his positions with ONG Azafady Mamy has felt himself develop professionally and enjoys working with the international staff in the office.

Photo of Nary Charlier

Andrianarivelo Zafindrazana Charlier (Nary)

Project Malio Co-ordinator
ONG Azafady

Nary is a Fort Dauphin local who worked with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) out west in Ambovombe before joining ONG Azafady in 2011. He started as Agricultural Extension Manager within the sustainable livelihoods department, overseeing all rural activities including upland rice cultivation training and vegetable gardens. Nary joined the community health team in December 2011 as Health Education Manager and now coordinates various health education activities including the community-led total sanitation initiative. He is supported by Dr Mamy and manages a team of community agents including Giona, Benedicte, Organes and Lea.

Mamitiana Harinandrasana

Partner Associations Mentor
ONG Azafady

Mamitiana studied Management, Finance and Accountancy at the Institute of Management, Arts and Crafts in Ivandry, Antananarivo. Receiving his license in 2005, he moved on to study Management Informatics and Trade at CNTEMAD whilst working at Cartridge Factory. In 2007 he studied Psychology, Sociology and Anthropoly with the Gnostic Association of Anthropological, Cultural and Scientific Studies Madagascar for 2 years.

In 2010 Mamitiana moved to the S.I.G. construction enterprise, working in Administration and Finance, whilst completing his degree in sustainable development based on good governance. Achieving this in 2012, he moved to Fort Dauphin, working first with FIVOY Rural in local development, then consulting for ONG EFA in organisation and community development.

In June 2014, Mamitiana joined Project Malio at ONG Azafady, where he is the Partner Associations Mentor.

Project Sekoly

Project Sekoly has been developed in partnership with ONG Azafady, with whom a long-standing collaboration has resulted in many successful school building and renovation initiatives. ONG Azafady carries out construction work under the direction of their Head of Construction, while the Communications team liaises and engages with authorities and the local community. SEED Madagascar retains responsibility and accountability for the project.

Implementing partner: ONG Azafady

Mahalomba Hasoavana (Lomba)

Head of Construction
ONG Azafady

Lomba started working for ONG Azafady in July 2001 as a guide on the Pioneer scheme. In 2006 he was appointed as Team Leader, a job that he did until 2009 when he successfully coordinated a latrine construction project for ONG Azafady in the Amparihy area of Fort Dauphin. He was promoted to Head of Construction in October 2010, and oversees the implementation of the NGO's various construction initiatives including schools, classroom furniture, wells and latrines. He works with Serge, Bik and the construction team.

Photo of Bruno Soja

Bruno Soja (Bik)

Construction Manager
ONG Azafady

Bik studied a four year Public Works training course in Fort Dauphin which involved practical experience of constructing houses and bridges, masonry and carpentry. After finishing this he went on to gain experience in team leadership, project planning and budgeting of materials. Bik initially started work at ONG Azafady in 1999 to oversee construction repairs, before being promoted to Team Leader and then again in 2009 to his current position as Construction Manager. He works with Lomba to manage the construction team on a number of ONG Azafady projects across the Anosy region.

Core staff

Photo of Theophile Zafison

Theophile Zafison (Theo)

Head of External Communications
ONG Azafady

Before joining ONG Azafady Theo was a private guide leading tours across southern Madagascar for 6 years. In 2003 he started working for ONG Azafady as a Technical Assistant for the English teaching project and then joined the community health team in 2004. Through his bush-based role as Community Health Agent he gained significant health education and community mobilisation experience. In 2005 Theo was promoted to the role of Health Education Manager, overseeing the implementation of the NGO's full range of community health education initiatives, and since 2006 he has represented ONG Azafady as Executive Secretary for the regional WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for All) committee. In 2008 Theo took on the post of Technical Assistant for Mampisaina, ONG Azafady's HIV prevention and sexual behaviour change programme. After fulfilling this position for 1 year he returned to the Health Education Manager role, successfully training his team in a new approach called community-led total sanitation. In September 2011 Theo was promoted to Head of External Communications for ONG Azafady. As such he is responsible for representing the NGO to all government ministries and stakeholders.

Photo of Joel Rajaobelina

Joel Claude Parany Rajaobelina

Director of Administration
ONG Azafady

Joel graduated from the University of Antananarivo with a degree in Economics in 2005. He then carried out many different jobs around the capital for several years. His last position in Tana was as the Agency Head for Anosy with Colis Express, Madagascar's leading courier company, and through this role Joel was transferred down to Fort Dauphin. After some time he took on a job in the Procurement Department of Kentz (one of the many sub-contractors brought in to the area to help with the ilmenite mine just north of Fort Dauphin).

In 2009 Joel was offered the position of Financial Systems Analyst for ONG Azafady and implemented a new series of financial procedures for the organisation through this role. In January 2011 he took on the position of Head of Finances and as such he oversees the budgets and accounts of the NGO.

Photo of Moustapha Ibrahim

Moustapha Ibrahim

Head of Administration
ONG Azafady

Moustapha achieved his master's degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Antananarivo in 2002 and has been working for ONG Azafady since 2004, when he took a job as an accountant. In 2010 he was promoted to Head of Administration which means he is responsible for overseeing the smooth running of the office through managing the buildings, utilities, equipment, stationary and support team. Moustapha works with Huguette, Nina, Pelakoa and the guardians who keep the office supplied, clean and secure.

Photo of Angelico Tahinjanahary

Angelico Johnson Tahinjanahary (Coco)

Financial Assistant
ONG Azafady

Coco is from Fort Dauphin and studied Management, Accounting and Finance at a local college.

Having trained in this area he was keen to get a job working for an English-speaking NGO and seized the opportunity when he heard about the Financial Assistant position with ONG Azafady which he took up in January 2011.

Coco assists Joel with managing the finances of the NGO and is mainly responsible for the accounting.

Environment & Sustainable Livelihoods

Photo of Emhalala Ellis

Emahalala Ellis (Lala)

Head of Environment
ONG Azafady

Lala graduated with a degree in Geography from the University of Tulear in 1996. He then spent several years with different research and conservation programmes in the south and south east of Madagascar where he grew up, including the regional WWF, before starting work with ONG Azafady. In 2005 he took up the position of Environmental Project Manager in 2005 and in 2007 he was promoted to Head of the Environment. Lala works closely with his agents in the bush including Randrianasolo and Juvenal as well as the tree nursery managers Sosony and Tintin to coordinate all of Azafady's environmental conservation initiatives. Lala is passionate about working with wildlife and nature and one of his main interests is to understand how communities living around the protected areas interact with the natural resources available to them. Lala believes that ONG Azafady has a unique holistic approach to conservation based on an understanding of the importance of protecting the environment for the benefit of local communities.

Photo of Sylvestre


Sainte Luce Community Agent
ONG Azafady

Sylvestre worked for 7 years as a guide at the Berenty Lemur Reserve out in spiny forest before joining Azafady. In 2002 Sylvestre began working for ONG Azafady as a translator for a sea turtle project near Sainte Luce and in April 2002 he started working as a guide on the Pioneer scheme. When ONG Azafady launched their new Lemur Venture volunteer programme in 2007 Sylvestre was appointed to the position of Team Leader due to his extensive experience of working in the area. When Azafady launched ACP in 2010 Sylvestre continued as the Team Leader and being based in Sainte Luce he developed a close relationship with the community. He also has an in-depth knowledge of the problems they and the surrounding forests face. In September 2011 Sylvestre took on the role of Sainte Luce Community Agent, acting as the key point of contact between Azafady and Sainte Luce, facilitating open communication between everyone who works there.


Tsina Endor

Head of Volunteering
ONG Azafady

Tsina has worked for ONG Azafady since 2005. She started as Secretary to the Director General and took on the role as the Head of Volunteering in 2007. Tsina is responsible for looking after all the volunteers that come to Madagascar on SEED Madagascar's Pioneer and Conservation Programme schemes. She organises the work schedules and support needed for both programmes. Tsina's job is very varied – the thing she likes most about it is meeting and looking after people, and making friends from all over the world.

Photo of Hoby


Conservation Programme Team Leader
ONG Azafady

Hoby started to work with ONG Azafady in July 2008 as a guide for Lemur Venture and continued in this role when SEED's Conservation Programme was introduced.

He first became interested in Malagasy wildlife when a friend of his worked as a guide at Andohahela National Park and Hoby visited him every weekend to learn about conservation.

Hoby enjoys working with the volunteers in Sainte Luce, sharing experiences with them and explaining about Malagasy biodiversity, traditions and his culture. He can often be seen around camp playing music when the team have a break from exploring the forest.

Photo of Aime


Pioneer Guide
ONG Azafady

Aimé was born and raised in Mahatalaky, one of the main rural areas where ONG Azafady works. Aimé cares about the local region and wants to help Azafady achieve its goals. Before joining the NGO team he worked in several different jobs but mainly as a tourist guide, taking groups around southern Madagascar for the past 18 years.

He started working for ONG Azafady as a Conservation Programme guide in July 2011, before moving to Pioneer in 2013. He thoroughly enjoys this job which combines his passions; supporting his local region, caring for the environment and working with people.