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We are proud to work with various partner organisations, NGOs and government bodies to further our mission - to enhance the capacity of individuals, communities, organisations and government in fulfilling sustainable environment, education and development goals in southeast Madagascar.


Blue Ventures SEED and Blue Ventures work together on projects which benefit several of our programmatic areas, including our lobster fisheries project, Oratsimba.
British Embassy Madagascar The British Embassy works to deepen the relationship between the UK and Madagascar, and is particularly focussed on poverty reduction and conservation. It has major projects and programmes in women’s health, water and sanitation, mangrove reforestation, the fight against the Illegal Wildlife Trade, and biodiversity protection. It aims to partner and support a wide range of Malagasy and international partners to achieve our mutual goals of stability, sustainable growth, human rights and protection of the environment for future generations.

Solar United Madagascar

Solar United Madagascar is a new consortium of four NGOs with a common goal: provide accessible, affordable solar power to communities across Madagascar. Alongside our five programme areas, we’re now working with three other non-profit organisations under Solar United Madagascar to progress SEED's mission for solar in the southeast. Find out more here:

Conservation & Environment

Oxford Brookes University SEED and Oxford Brookes University have a long standing research collaboration associated with our SEED Conservation Research Programme.
Natural History Museum The Natural History Museum, based in London, UK, provides support to SEED in our biodiversity and conservation research, including specimen identification.
CIBIO The Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, based in Portugal, assists SEED with herpetological speciation.
Lemur Conservation Network

SEED Madagascar is proud to be a member of the Lemur Conservation Network. This global network is geared to support the initiatives of organisations fighting to save Madagascar's lemurs from extinction.

NatureSpy Logo NatureSpy are collaborating with SEED Madagascar by aiding Project Ala’s research to monitor the transition of three nocturnal lemur species through habitat corridors using camera traps. These camera traps help us understand the success of the corridors as a lemur conservation strategy by informing national and international research.
conservation-optimism.png SEED is a member of the Conservation Optimism network, helping to build closer relationships between fellow organisations working in conservation and development, share lessons learned, and encourage wider collaboration in the sector.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

UNICEF In February 2020, SEED and UNICEF Madagascar began a partnership on a year-long sanitation project in the Anosy region of southeast Madagascar.
End Water Poverty As a member of the End Water Poverty coalition, SEED is working to increase access to safe water and sanitation in southeast Madagascar, and was also a key member during Water Action Month 2019.
Tatirano Social Enterprise Tatirano Social Enterprise are working to bring clean water to everyone in Madagascar, and are SEED's local implementing partner for rainwater harvesting.

Community Health

Marie Stopes Madagascar SEED and Marie Stopes Madagascar have collaborated on a number of projects, most recently our rights-based sexual and reproductive health education initiative, Safidy.
PHE SEED Madagascar is a member of the Population Health Environment network in Madagascar, taking a holistic approach to sustainable development.

Rural Livelihoods

University College London

Oratsimba, our marine livelihoods project, includes a Darwin Initiative funded collaboration between SEED Madagascar and the Department of Geography at University College London. As part of this research into LMMA management, Dr Peter Jones visited Madagascar with research student Grace Thurlow to undertake a Marine Protected Area Analysis, a technique pioneered by Dr Jones.

MIHARI network The MIHARI network was set up by Blue Ventures to bring together leaders from Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs) across Madagascar. SEED Madagascar is a member of this network along with representatives from the three fishing communities in which Project Oratsimba works.
Stitch Sainte Luce An independent women's embroidery cooperative based in Sainte Luce, Madagascar, Stitch Sainte Luce was originally established by SEED as a rural livelihoods project.

Education Infrastructure

Deutsch-Madagassischer Schulverein e.V. SEED Madagascar is collaborating with Deutsch-Madagassischer Schulverein e.V., (the German-Malagasy School Association) with the mutual aim to advance education in Madagascar.

Corporate Partners

Circus PPC Circus PPC (Pay Per Click) Agency have generously assisted SEED Madagascar with our internet marketing for two years, providing invaluable expertise and account support.
Teneo Ltd

Specialist Integrators of Next-Generation Technology, Teneo also count Corporate Social Responsibility as one of their core values, and have funded several education infrastructure projects in Madagascar.

Read their full case study

Trade Aid UK Trade Aid UK provide top quality sugar products to consumers in the UK, with a twist: profits generated are donated to help people who are deprived of the basic necessities of life, such as water, food, healthcare, education and housing. Trade Aid have been working in partnership with SEED since 2009.
Evergreen Insurance Services

We are delighted to partner with Evergeen Insurance Services, providers of both personal and business insurance with a commitment to giving back. Through Evergreen, customers will be able to donate up to 25% of the commission the company earns on their policy

Read their full case study

Noble Caledonia

It is Noble Caledonia’s vision to improve economic, social and environmental conditions in the areas they work and visit and so in 2013 they established the Noble Caledonia Charitable Trust. In 2020, Noble Caledonia are partnering with SEED Madagascar to support the crucial work of our Sekoly education programme.


Vanillekiste is run by a husband and wife team importing vanilla from a family farm in northern Madagascar. By working directly with the farm, and therefore cutting out many of the middlemen on the way to market in Europe, Vanillekiste can ensure that a fair price is paid for the vanilla, that local people are paid fairly for their work, and that the business has a transparent connection with the product. Vanillekiste are supporting our COVID Response programme by donating a percentage of each order made through their webshop, and by offering an opt-in of €2 to customers during the purchase process.

New Chapter Marketing

The team at New Chapter Marketing & PR provide the vast majority of our Public Relations capacity as a charitable donation.


Outpatch raises funds for nonprofits through stick-on patches that give back. Their focus on community based solutions perfectly aligned with SEED's approach of empowering local changemakers in their work to build sustainable livelihoods.

Zoo Network

SEED works with a network of zoos and wildlife parks across the UK and internationally to help communicate the importance of conservation. We are supported by some brilliant organisations who work to raise awareness of SEED's projects and donate to our ongoing conservation work. SEED's research work is incorporated into the education initiatives of our zoo network partners, which continually builds on the link between education and conservation in this field.

Ventura Wildlife Park Lake-District-Wildlife-Park-small.jpgFive Sisters Zoo