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Wednesday, 6th March 2019

International Women's Day: Meet Elise

By Katie Humphries

“Before the [Votsira] course, they didn't have a good knowledge about health in general, how to prevent their baby of illness, the [risk of] self-medication. After the course, they know the risk of self-medication and go to the hospital when the baby is sick.” – Elise, a Government Agent for Project Votsira.

This International Women’s Day, SEED Madagascar is celebrating the vivacity of Malagasy women by showcasing individuals that have demonstrated individual strength and inspired change in their communities. One of these #WomenOfSEED is Elise, a Government Agent (GA) who delivers Project Votsira’s maternal and child health course to caregivers in her community of Tanambao. In Madagascar, GAs primarily work for the government delivering educational campaigns surrounding health and working closely with healthcare services in the community. Alongside these responsibilities, GAs like Elise deliver Project Votsira’s health education course, increasing women’s access to quality sexual, reproductive, maternal and child health information, encouraging healthier and longer lives in Fort Dauphin.

Currently delivering round 5 of Project Votsira’s child health course, GAs conduct engaging focus groups and private household visits, closing crucial knowledge gaps and encouraging healthy behaviours. Thanks to hardworking GAs like Elise, caregivers understand how to prevent common childhood illnesses like malaria, acute respiratory infections and diarrhoeal diseases, and know how to recognise their symptoms and seek appropriate medical care. Elise believes her role is important because she has a good relationship with the community, allowing her to prevent them from health risks that may endanger mothers and children.  

SEED Madagascar projects like Project Votsira would not run as effectively without the efforts of remarkable women who work tirelessly in order to improve health outcomes in their communities. We are proud to showcase Elise as one of our inspiring women for International Women’s Day and thank her for all her incredible work for SEED Madagascar.