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Wednesday, 25th September 2019

The Story Behind Ranomafana Lycée

By Melissa Hornby

Construction team making breaks at Ranomafana LyceeAs the construction of Ranomafana Lycée (high school) launched in July, the project team is taking time to reflect on the inspiration behind the project.

In addition to improving classroom conditions and access to adequate sanitation facilities, the school will be built in loving memory of a SEED staff and committed community member, Dadah. A passionate activist for education, Dadah identified the pressing need to improve education infrastructure in his home community of Ranomafana, enabling young people and their families to escape the vicious cycle of poverty. 

After conducting a needs assessment, Dadah collaborated with the Education team at SEED and began working on a proposal to improve the school’s education and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene infrastructure. Tragically, in December 2017, Dadah and one of the lycée teachers lost their lives in a road accident whilst travelling back to the community to collect project data. It is thanks to the dedication of Dadah and the lycée teacher that the school construction is moving forward, which will help to realise their goal of providing over 400 students with high-quality education and access to skilled professions.  

Last month, SEED’s Construction team held the project’s groundbreaking ceremony, during which a community leader blessed the land before beginning construction. The foundation of the Lycée is well underway, as the Construction team works hard to mould and stack over 60 bricks everyday. With construction projected to be completed by February 2020, the students, teachers and parents are excited to have a dedicated school site, providing bright futures for Ranomafana’s young people.