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Talking about sustainable environment, education and development in southeast Madagascar. New articles every week from our team!


It all starts with a seed

By Sam Ambler October 8, 2020

As some of the forest corridors in Project Ala are now a year old, Forestry Specialist Sam Ambler takes a look at the successes of the project, both for the environment and the local landowners.


Planning for long term conservation: developing SEED’s Conservation Programme

By Eve Englefield August 28, 2020

Conserving biodiversity and following to a long term strategy can be difficult, with projects typically only funded for a few years. SEED's Environment team has recently been developing our broad Conservation Programme, examining the effectiveness of our work to date, and looking ahead to the next 20 years.

Community Health

COVID-19 in rural Madagascar

By Lisa Bass & Paula Amour August 12, 2020

Chance conversations with SEED's construction team building a school in the rural community of Mananara II lead to a surprising discovery about just how isolated it is, and what we need to do to help.