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In the Press

A collection of articles, news stories and other coverage of SEED Madagascar. If you're writing an article or blog post about us, please get in touch (you can also find our Press Kit here).

SEED would like to say a huge thank you to the team at New Chapter Marketing & PR, who provide the vast majority of our PR capacity as a charitable donation.

 Bushey family sell masks through charity to help people in Madagascar
Watford Observer News article
7th July 2020
London beauty brand sells charity face masks Online article
23rd June 2020
 Steven Moatt is preparing to tackle the Tour Divide
Dorset ECHO Newspaper article
6th June 2020
 10 Voluntourism Trips That Will Actually Make A Difference
Conde Nast Traveller Magazine article
4th June 2020
 Making use of creative skills
Yachting Monthly Magazine article
1st June 2020
 From Sails To Shields
Dorset Magazine Magazine article
1st June 2020
 Incredible voluntary effort by sailors is producing 5,000 PPE gowns a week
Sailing Today Magazine article
1st June 2020
Stitching Masks for Madagascar
Women Talking Online article
22nd May 2020