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Title Author(s) Year Areas
Population Dynamics of Nocturnal Lemurs in Littoral Forest Fragments: The Importance of Long-Term Monitoring Sam Hyde Roberts, Retsiraiky J. Rossizela, Tsimijaly H. Longosoa, Kathryn Strang, Lucia Chmurova, Vincent Nijman, Giuseppe Donati 2021 Environment
Palms on the Brink: Conservation Status of the Threatened Palms Dypsis saintelucei and Beccariophoenix madagascariensis in the Littoral Forests of Sainte Luce, Southeastern Madagascar Sam Hyde Roberts, Stephanie Harris, Kathryn Strang, Jason Alex Guy, Retsiraiky Jean Rossizela, and Lucia Chmurova 2020 Environment
Observation of the natural re-colonisation of a littoral forest fragment by the Endangered red-collared brown lemur (Eulemur collaris) in southeast Madagascar Sam Hyde Roberts, Elena Rańćevska, Giuseppe Donati 2020 Environment
Empowering women in community-based fisheries management in Madagascar Trouwloon, D., Englefield, E and Savage, J. 2020 Sustainable Livelihoods
Financing and design innovation in rural domestic rainwater harvesting in Madagascar H. Chaplin, H. Legge 2019 WASH
Critical analysis of the governance of the Sainte Luce Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA), southeast Madagascar Long, S., Thurlow, G., Jones, P.J.S., Turner, A., Randrianantenaina, S.M., Gammage, T., Savage, J. and Ndriamanja J.R. 2019 Sustainable Livelihoods
Long-term monitoring of nocturnal lemur populations in the littoral forests of Sainte Luce Hyde Roberts, S. Retsiraiky, J. Tsimilajay, H. Chmurova, L. Neaves, J. Strang, K. Nijman, V. Donati, G 2019 Environment
Morphological and ecological convergence at the lower size limit for vertebrates highlighted by 5 new miniaturised microhylid frog species from three different Madagascan genera Scherz, M.D., Hutter, C.R., Riemann, J.C., Hyde Roberts, S., Crottini, A., Vences, M. and Glaw, F. 2019 Environment
Rediscovery of the dragonfly Libellulosoma minutia Martin, 1907 in the littoral forests of southeast Madagascar Hyde Roberts, S., Barker, LPY., Chmurova., Dijkstra, KDB., Schutte, K 2019 Environment
Dietary observations of the lamprophiid snake Madagascarophis meridionalis (Domergue, 1987) in southeastern Madagascar J. Neaves, S. Hyde Roberts, Tsimijaly H. Longasoa, Franco Andreone and Goncalo M. Rosa 2019 Environment