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After the pit is full; understanding latrine emptying in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar

K. Kirsch, R. Hammersley-Mather.

Faecal sludge management (FSM) remains a challenge for developing countries, particularly in urban areas. This study investigated the barriers to pit latrine emptying in the urban commune of Fort Dauphin, Madagascar through household surveys, focus groups, and key informant interviews. On average, three households were sharing each of the latrines in the study and 20.4% of observed latrines were full. This research established that while no cultural barriers to latrine emptying appear to exist, other challenges include space, finding an emptier, and cost. The rapidity of shared latrine filling, lack of hygienic emptying services, and the absence of faecal sludge disposal or management sites will hinder public health in Fort Dauphin. Affordable access to hygienic emptying and FSM are the forthcoming challenges for sanitation projects in high-density urban communes.

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WECD International Conference Loughborough
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