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Rediscovery of the dragonfly Libellulosoma minutia Martin, 1907 in the littoral forests of southeast Madagascar

Hyde Roberts, S., Barker, LPY., Chmurova., Dijkstra, KDB., Schutte, K.

After a period of 109 years without detection, we can here confirm the rediscovery of Libellulosoma minutum Martin, 1907, in the southeast of Madagascar. Previously known only from historical collections with vague locality data, five individual males were observed in and around the littoral forest fragments of Sainte Luce between 2016–2017. These observations represent the first reported sightings of this ‘Data Deficient’ (IUCN) species in the wild since René Martin first described it in 1907. Although we cannot be certain Sainte Luce represents the type locality for the species, it must be considered an important area for future monitoring and conservation. A crucial correction is provided regarding the species name.

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Notulae Odontologica
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