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Title Author(s) Year Areas
A study of the ecology, dynamics and restoration of the populations Dypsis saintelucei and Beccariophoenix madagascariensis Randriamaromanana, Y. 2018 Environment
Short-term impacts and value of a periodic no take zone (NTZ) in a community-managed small-scale lobster fishery, Madagascar Long, S. 2017 Sustainable Livelihoods
After the pit is full; understanding latrine emptying in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar K. Kirsch, R. Hammersley-Mather 2017 WASH
A review of the known Pteropus rufus (É. Geoffrey, 1803) colonies surrounding the Tolagnaro region of southeast Madagascar Sam Hyde Roberts, Mark D. Jacobs, Ryan M. Clark, Charlotte M. Daly, Longosoa H. Tsimijaly, Retsiraiky J. Rossizela, Samuel T. Prettyman 2016 Environment
A herpetological assessment of the littoral forests of Sainte Luce (southeastern Madagascar): Using genetic tools to ascertain the true identities of the area's amphibians and reptiles Hyde Roberts, S., Sannolo, M., Longosoa, H., Crottini, A., Clark, R., Andreone, F. and Rosa, G. M. 2016 Environment
Combining Community-Led Total Sanitation with subsidies to improve urban sanitation R. Mather, M.Coultas 2016 WASH
Shocking imagery and cultural sensitivity: a CLTS case study from Madagascar B. Lomas, R. Hammersley-Mather 2016 WASH
A technological solution to participatory mapping of the Ste Luce Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) Long, S., Randrianantenain, S., Ellis, E. 2015 Sustainable Livelihoods
Barriers to preventing unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections as experienced by women in Fort Dauphin, southeast Madagascar Laura Robson, Jessica Morris, Mamy Soafaly Andriatsihosena 2015 Community Health
Adapting rural CLTS for urban settings: Azafady UK’s experiences in Fort-Dauphin, south east Madagascar M. Coultas 2015 WASH