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Tuesday 21st March 2017

Tuesday 21st March 2017

Happy International Day of Forests! Did you know that for rural communities in developing countries, forests are often the only available source of energy? 90% of wood and charcoal use for fuel takes place in developing countries.

Across Madagascar, an estimated 80% of forests have been lost, with 200,000 hectares continuing to be lost to deforestation each year. This is devastating for a country with such high reliance on natural resources, and several terrestrial ecoregions ranking among the world’s most outstanding areas of biodiversity.

We're currently developing Project Aroafo, which will work toward Sustainable Development Goal 15 by minimising forest loss in Sainte Luce through strengthened, community-specific fire mitigation and firebreak construction. Learn more about Aroafo here: #IntlForestDay #GlobalGoals