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Wednesday 19th April 2017

Wednesday 19th April 2017

Project Malio is coming to a close this month, but this team is working hard right up to the finish! Over the three year project a whopping 799 household latrines have been built, and with that comes a greater opportunity to focus on sanitation as a sustainable livelihood. But who are the local heroes that ensure these new latrines will stay in working order, and continue to be beneficial to community health for years to come?

Last week the Malio team were thrilled to welcome 10 pro latrine emptiers to a dedicated session aimed at improving their sometimes difficult and unglamourous profession. The topics covered included health, safety hazards, use of personal protective equipment and construction tips. The session also touched on business-oriented topics like communication and marketing!

The Malio team thanked the emptiers for their attendance by providing them with some crucial protective gear, which will help them to ensure their health whilst working, and enable them to better serve the people of Fort Dauphin well into the future!

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