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Thursday 20th April 2017

Thursday 20th April 2017

A welcome back to our Project Development Officer Ali, who headed to Kenya earlier in April to attend the Driving African Fisheries to Sustainable Growth conference! Hosted by Smartfish, Africa's largest fisheries programme, this important conference focused on lessons learned, bringing together a variety of teams who had contributed to work under the Smartfish banner. This will ensure that no crucial learnings from the last five years will go unnoted in future fisheries projects in the region.

SEED was invited to share lessons learned from our experiences with Project Oratsimba, one of Smartfish's pilot projects, since the spiny lobster is an emblematic species of the region. It was an exciting week discussing everything from big topics like large scale industrial fishing quotas to the tiny but crucial role that fish micronutrients play in food security! Check back soon for a more in-depth blog post on Ali's experience in Nairobi.