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Saturday 15th July 2017

Saturday 15th July 2017

Trial, error and Success - water on tap for Tatirano

For many of us turning on the tap and having clean drinking water whenever we need it is a given. Yet in the areas where SEED Madagascar work this is a luxury even in the town - and unheard of in the bush.

Over the past six months, the Tatirano project team have been hard at work using their learning from the school rain water harvesting system, and turning this into a household rainwater system. The Ste Luce campsite was the trial site and the final outcome is a convenient, affordable system that will provide over 12,000 litres of clean water a year for individual households.

A significant challenge for the team was designing a system that could be built locally and installed without the need of technical expertise. Basically we wanted a system that anyone could fit and maintain. This new easy-to use prototype will mean that families can, without trouble, harvest rainwater long into the future - and solve the problems of having clean, safe water on tap for all the family.