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Project Oratsimba: Phase 2 Final Report, August 2016

Project Oratsimba: Phase 2 Final Report, August 2016

Tuesday 12th September 2017

By Flo Skinner

In response to declining catches in the Fort Dauphin regional lobster fishery over previous decades – a trend seen in small-scale fisheries across the country – Project Oratsimba Phase 2 aimed to develop a replicable model for sustainable, community based lobster fishery management in south-east Madagascar.

During Phase II, the emphasis has been on developing the Sainte Luce fishery as a sustainable, locally-managed marine area (LMMA), building the capacity of the Riaky Committee to manage their fishery. Regular training sessions have focused on committee roles and responsibilities, financial management, and enforcement of the dina (fishery regulations). Throughout Phase II, SEED has supported the community to adopt adaptive, evidence-based decision making balancing community needs with the long-term interests of the fishery. Key to the success of Project Oratsimba has been obtaining the wider support of private sector actors and estate authorities, to support the long-term viability of bottom-up fishery management.

Read the full report here.