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Tuesday 14th November 2017

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Check out this field report from Harry, one of our recent volunteers!

"I had a truly fantastic volunteering experience in Sainte Luce! The daily routine of camp life in Sainte Luce became ingrained in me very quickly, and I fell in love with the balance of life, whether doing transect walks, spotting lemurs or just relaxing at the beach! Crucially, I learnt that with nature, patience is the key and things do not always go as planned!

I cannot speak more highly of the Conservation Programme at SEED Madagascar. The research-driven schedule of the programme gave me a first-hand insight into the joys and struggles of conservation in a truly unique location! What’s more, volunteering in this incredible environment with such a great group of people made my experience so much more enjoyable! My research assistants were very approachable and willing to assist in any way they could, from developing my research skills to caring for my health in what is a very challenging environment. All of the local guides had a wealth of knowledge about the area and were always on hand on offer their care if a volunteer felt unwell. Special mention and thanks goes to Yvon, who ordered pizzas to satisfy Daniel and mine’s hunger when we fell ill! What blew me away most of all though, was the guides’ incredible ability to spot camouflaged insects that for most of us were impossible to see!

My overall highlight was simply the breathtaking environment of Sainte Luce. The sunrise walks to Manafiafy, the night stroll up the road to see the electric lightning of a tropical storm, and learning that any journey in a pirogue boat can be both perilous and tranquil in equal measure! I saw species that I had no idea existed, even if I have forgotten their names already. Ultimately though, some of my most cherished memories of life in Madagascar were the moments that I least expected; from Daniel’s tent accident to Larissa’s pirogue slip, and of course, any time that lemurs came leaping through camp!"