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We've been working in the Anosy region of southeast Madagascar for 20 years. Our projects include school building, natural resource management, rainwater harvesting, conservation, maternal and sexual health education, sanitation and sustainable livelihoods development. We believe that by coordinating projects across all these areas at once we can make a greater impact overall. We are dedicated to providing locally developed initiatives based on the expressed needs of our partner communities. Our approach is based on partnership, co-management, and skill-sharing with individuals, communities, local organisations, and governments. The programmes that result lead to lasting change, alleviating poverty and supporting environmental conservation for some of the world's most vulnerable people in threatened and irreplaceable environments, contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

How we work

We work with communities to address their health and education needs, promote diverse livelihood strategies, and facilitate sustainable natural resource management. Rather than our programmes being dreamed up in an office far from where they're implemented, all of our projects are suggested by Malagasy staff in Madagascar. In fact, we're constantly building capacity so that one day projects can be developed and run entirely by Malagasy staff.

We have various projects in five programmes: Community Health, Education Infrastructure, Rural LivelihoodsEnvironmental Conservation and WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene). Our holistic approach to development and conservation means all of our departments and projects work together to make a greater impact on our aim - eradicating poverty, suffering and environmental damage.

Mother with happy child

Community Health

Working to improve the health of people in southeast Madagascar through education, support and construction programmes.

Community Health programme
A completed school in beautiful Anosy region, southeast Madagascar

Education infrastructure

Carrying out school construction and repairs, providing vital desks and benches, and sanitation infrastructure in schools.

Education Infrastructure programme
Embroidered textile goods created as part of Stitch Sainte Luce

Rural Livelihoods

Developing sustainable employment and business opportunities for local people using holistic approaches and long term solutions.

Rural Livelihoods programme
Mouse lemur

Environmental Conservation

Involving communities in species and habitat conservation, tree planting, and carrying out vital research on rare and threatened species.

Environmental Conservation programme
Handwashing in Madagascar as part of our WASH programme

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Working to increase access to safe water, provision of improved sanitation facilities, and hygiene education.

WASH programme