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Community Health

For over a decade and a half, SEED Madagascar has been working to improve the health of people living in Fort Dauphin and the surrounding area. In this remote part of southeast Madagascar, it is everyday conditions such as childbirth, diarrhoea, coughs and colds that pose the most serious health risks. Today, we are helping mothers to safeguard the health of themselves and their babies, increasing students’ awareness of sexual health and STIs, supporting communities to build clean drinking water wells and safe sanitation, and much more. Our programmes have produced significant positive changes but the current health situation in Madagascar is challenging and much work remains to be done.

At only $22 per day, the Malagasy national health system is amongst the worst funded in the world

WHO, 2014

Madagascar’s health system has never been robust but the political crisis in 2009 had a devastating impact on the provision of formal services. Government spending on health has dropped dramatically and as the number of services provided has shrunk and the quality slipped, the impact on those unable to afford private healthcare – almost everyone in Madagascar – has been serious.

Current projects

Safidy thumbnail


Supporting student peer educators to improve sexual health education for the prevention of HIV, STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

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Increasing knowledge of sexual, reproductive, maternal and child health among the women of Fort Dauphin.

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A rainwater harvesting project providing clean water at the home

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A comprehensive situational analysis of Sexual and Reproductive Health knowledge, provision and capacity in 3 rural communities.

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Completed projects

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A 3-year sanitation project in Fort Dauphin, aiming to reduce open defecation, encourage latrine use and improve sanitation practices across town.

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Manambaro Hospital Latrines

Improving the sanitation facilities at the Manambaro Hospital by providing hygienic and sustainable latrines

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Magnampy 2

Supporting livelihoods and health improvements through CLTS, water security, agro-forestry and fuel-efficient stoves.

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A management and maintenance training programme for rural communities to help them look after their wells and retain access to clean drinking water in the long term.

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