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COVID-19 Response

Since before the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic in Madagascar, SEED has been working to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 infection, alongside local government actors and other providers. We have responded rapidly, modifying our existing programmes, starting new COVID response initiatives, and adapting to meet the changing needs of the country.

Our efforts have focussed on three fields:

  1. Widespread dissemination of clear COVID-19 prevention messages across a range of mediums
  2. Provision of essential equipment, such as masks and handwashing stations
  3. Capacity building training sessions for health care workers, schools, and government workers in rural and urban communities

SEED will continue to work in partnership with local partners and the ‘Centre de Commandement Operationnel’ (CCO) to meet the emerging needs of communities as they face the threat of COVID-19.

What we're doing

  • 2,380 community members reached through informal Coronavirus information sessions 
  • 16,533 community members receiving handwashing information and demonstrations 
  • 6,240 parents received information about COVID-19 prevention for new mothers and young children
  • 5,425 informational posters & flyers distributed throughout Anosy and Androy
  • 1,511 radio broadcasts across three radio stations
  • Ongoing COVID-19 awareness social media campaign including production of two videos on physical distancing and mask wearing 
  • 16,967 masks distributed
  • 8 infrared thermometers purchased
  • 191 handwashing stations established
  • 139 boxes of soap distributed 
  • 23 health centres receiving on-going COVID-19 prevention training sessions 
  • 159 health workers trained in Coronavirus prevention
  • 16 primary school head teachers trained in COVID-19 prevention
  • 29 public place managers trained in disinfection of markets, schools, and other public spaces

How you can help

Media from our prevention & response work