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Project Safidy

Collaborating with ministries and partner organisations to deliver rights-based sexual and reproductive health education and resources to young people across Madagascar, reducing their vulnerability to HIV, STIs and unintended pregnancies.

Limited by the country’s under-resourced healthcare and education systems, Madagascar’s young people have few reliable options for sexual and reproductive health information. Cultural taboos associated with talking openly about sex, sexuality and contraception present barriers to engaging youth in necessary discussions about their bodies and rights.

Less than 9% of young people aged 15-24 with multiple sexual partners consistently use condoms

UNICEF, 2009

With no official framework advocating for the rights of young women, early pregnancies often force girls out of school and an increasing number of women engage in formal or informal prostitution to support livelihoods (UNICEF, 2007).

One in three girls in Madagascar have their first child before they reach the age of 18, some 15% higher than the African average.

UNFPA, 2013

Underpinned by a rights-based framework, so gender equity is embedded in the Malagasy education system, Project Safidy provides access to quality sexual and reproductive health education. We equip young people with the necessary tools to negotiate safer sexual relationships and the knowledge and confidence to access services to protect themselves against the transmission of HIV and STIs and unintended pregnancies.

We are working with the SRHR network closer than ever to empower youth with knowledge to make safe sexual choices as an investment in the future of Madagascar.


Mercury Phoenix Trust and Amplify Change.