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Project Votsira

Project Votsira increases women's access to quality sexual, reproductive, maternal and child health information and emphasises the need to work with traditional health advisors to share modern health information.

With limited access to healthcare facilities and low education levels, women and mothers often turn to elders, friends and relatives for healthcare advice. To address knowledge gaps, we deliver a maternal and child health course, designed in partnership with the Ministry of Health, to caregivers in 11 communities in Fort Dauphin. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation have demonstrated significant knowledge gains and behaviour changes in relation to maternal health and the care of children under-five.

Every day in Madagascar, 10 mothers die from childbirth-related causes and 100 children die from preventative illnesses.

USAID, 2014

Infographic poster from Project Votsira's child health courseWe train government agents (GAs) to deliver these educational sessions to local women identified as having limited access to formal services. Our regular training sessions develop the knowledge and facilitation skills of the GAs, meaning that comprehensive health information is clearly delivered through project focus groups and household visits, as well as in their governmental responsibilities.  

Project Votsira recently concluded its child health course, which covered common childhood illnesses such as malaria, diarrhoea and acute respiratory infections, as well as delivering useful information surrounding nutrition and hygiene. Over these two years, the project has reached over 3,200 caregivers, improving the health of an estimated 2,200 children under-five and encouraging knowledge-sharing throughout the community. We are currently conducting an impact evaluation to assess key finding from project activities, informing the next phase of maternal and child health programming in the Anosy region

I have changed my practices. For example, I have started hand-washing and using mosquito nets for the prevention of malaria

A mother in Amparihy, Fort Dauphin


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Previous funders: The Silver Lady Fund, Oakdale Trust, Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust, Clark Mitchel, Tula Trust