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Project Fanaka

A desk and bench construction project designed to provide schools in and around Fort Dauphin with comfortable and adequate school furniture. Project Fanaka is often run as a complement to Project Sekoly.


  • Status: Beneficiary identification
  • Date: December 2009 - 2019
  • Target population: Students and staff at schools in the Anosy Region
  • Location: Communities throughout the Anosy Region, southeast Madagascar
  • Project Partners: Ministry of Education; District and Regional educational authorities; local communities

Why is it important?

We all know how difficult concentrating at school can sometimes be. Sitting in a classroom at two in the afternoon on a blisteringly hot day at the end of the summer term, attempting to listen as the teacher explains the difference between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ or the purpose of quadratic equations. It’s tough. Now imagine how much harder it would be if you had to study whilst sitting all day on a concrete floor or standing, leaning you note book on the floor or up against a wall.

In Anosy, only 53% of primary school aged children are enrolled in school

UNICEF, 2012

For students in Madagascar’s Anosy Region, long-term underinvestment in education infrastructure means that many classrooms lack even the most basic furniture, forcing students to make do with bare classrooms and limiting the time they can concentrate or putting potential students off attending.

Freshly made benches at a school site

What we’re doing

Project Fanaka aims to address this issue by providing desks and benches to schools in need, increasing school attendance and improving the quality of education available. Classrooms are provided with appropriate seating and a desk and chair for the teacher if required.

Like Project Sekoly, Project Fanaka is run on an ongoing basis whenever the need and the funds are available. Construction activities are carried out by ONG Azafady’s experienced Construction team and international volunteers on SEED Madagascar's award winning Pioneer scheme.


Principle donors include: Bain Cares Fund; Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission; Jackie Bliss; Jersey Rotary Club; James Hall; Rhododendron Trust; and Trade Aid.