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Project Fidirana

To increase job-specific English language skills for key target groups within the Fort Dauphin district of Madagascar in order to expand individual livelihood opportunities thus contributing to wider economic development and poverty alleviation.


  • Status: Seeking funding
  • Target Population: Chamber of Commerce, Stitch Sainte Luce embroiderers, ONG Azafady staff
  • Location: Fort Dauphin Urban commune and Sainte Luce rural commune, Anosy Region, southeast Madagascar

Why is it important?

In a globalised world where people travel, interact, and trade across borders, the world’s global language is becoming increasingly important for both individuals and organisations. More and more businesses use English as their operating language; speaking English improves individual’s chances of getting a job in one of these organisations and enables the organisations to run more smoothly and efficiently. The ability to speak English also opens up opportunities to do business internationally, with tourists and with ex-pat communities.

Improving the English skills amongst the Chamber of Commerce will therefore act as a key driver of growth, allowing them to access international and local opportunities to which a lack of English skill is currently a barrier. The Stitch embroiderers of Sainte Luce are trying to set up international trading links, as well as continuing to sell their craft to tourists; English will become increasingly important. Finally, by improving the language skills of staff in the NGO, the organisation will run more efficiently, allowing it to achieve even better results in the areas of health, education, environment and sustainable livelihoods.

What we're doing

Project Fidirana will target three separate groups, the Stitch embroiderers of Sainte Luce, the Chamber of Commerce and Azafady NGO staff. Business and job focused English lessons will be delivered to these key groups, helping them to get the most out of the individual income generating activities they are involved with. With the Stitch embroiderers looking to expand into international markets, English will be a particularly critical skill. The Chamber of Commerce will have more access to international business and local tourism opportunities, driving economic growth in Fort Dauphin. Finally, the improved internal communication between local Azafady NGO staff members and the international team, will lead to efficiencies and improvements across the organisation, helping it to better achieve its goals in sustainable livelihoods, health, education and environment.

An English lesson with a member of NGO staff