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SEED Madagascar

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  • Status: Seeking funding
  • Date: Nov 2015 - Aug 2017
  • Target population: Middle and high school students and teachers in Fort Dauphin
  • Location: Fort Dauphin urban commune, Anosy region, southeast Madagascar
  • Project partners: CISCO (the regional education authority) and local schools

Why is it important?

English is an extremely valuable skill in Fort Dauphin, due in part to its increasing prevalence in the business sector and tourism industry, significant parts of the struggling local economy. English is also a compulsory element of the literature Baccalaureate, taken by over 50% of lycée (high school) students and necessary for accessing higher education and subsequently competing for limited higher-quality employment opportunities. However, the English education currently available at local schools is very limited and a lack of teachers, training and resources makes it extremely difficult for students to gain this crucial skill, exacerbating a situation of widespread poverty in the community.

There are only 250 public high schools in the whole of Madagascar

World Bank, 2015

What we're doing

Project Mampianatra seeks to address these issues and build on SEED Madagascar's previous work by partnering with the public lycée and CEG to provide English lessons for Baccalaureate students and CEG students, and by providing training sessions to CEG (middle school) and lycée (high school) English teachers to assist them with their lesson planning, content and delivery. International English teaching volunteers will also be recruited, trained and supported to assist with project activities. Through these activities the project aims to improve the quality of English education in the town, strengthen the employability of its young population and support the professional development of local teachers.

Teacher with her students


Seeking funding