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Environmental Conservation

Our environmental projects work to protect threatened areas and species in the Anosy region of southeast Madagascar - before they are lost to us forever. Our team of passionate conservationists and short-term conservation volunteers conduct vital research to help protect a variety of endangered species. We also focus on involving local communities as these are the people who know the most about the local environment and conservation priorities. SEED Madagascar brings people together to discuss these important issues and then provides much-needed support to allow these areas and resources to flourish for generations to come.

More than 600 new plants and animals were discovered in Madagascar between 1999-2010. Many of these were already in danger of extinction

WWF, 2011

SEED Madagascar has been conducting conservation research and community-based conservation actions in the littoral forest fragments of the Anosy region for 20 years. Each of our projects is designed to fit into our long term conservation strategy, bringing greater stability and long term focus.

Current projects

Close up of a brown lemur


Increasing and improving viable habitat for the Endangered species of lemur in the Sainte Luce littoral forest, through corridor reforestation and strengthened local and regional capacity.

Project Ala
A tiny chameleon observed at night

Conservation Research

Working to research and protect the environment, animals and plants of the unique biodiversity hotspot in Sainte Luce, southeast Madagascar.

Conservation Research
Cooked edible insects in a bowl


Through edible insect farming, Project Sakondry aims to increase access to sustainable and nutrient-rich protein sources, increasing food security and providing livelihoods.

Edible insect farming
Palleon sp. nasus leaf chameleon on finger

Chameleon Research

Researching a potential new species of leaf chameleon recently discovered in southeast Madagascar.

Researching a potential new species
An palm tree in Sainte Luce


Aiming to further understand and protect the conservation status of six IUCN Red List palm species in Sainte Luce.

Endemic palm research & conservation

Seeking further funding

A flying fox bat soars through the sky


Conducting research and education to enhance the long-term survival of Madagascar's flying fox bats.

Project Rufus

Completed projects

Tiny mouse lemur microcebus antanosy


​Conducting scientific research and engaging the community to conserve a newly discovered candidate species of Microcebus mouse lemur.

Project Microcebus
A loggerhead turtle on the beach


Piloted community-led research on loggerhead turtles nesting in Sainte Luce through data collection and community sensitisation.

Project Fano
Women planting trees in Madagascar


Led by the local community, this project supports sustainable livelihoods while conserving biodiversity and protecting the forest.

Project Miaro
A critically endangered Phelsuma antanosy Madagascar gecko


Conducting research into the critically-endangered Phelsuma antanosy gecko to help conserve the species.

Project Phelsuma