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Project Stitch Sainte Luce

Project Stitch Sainte Luce is training women in producing and selling high quality embroidered products.

In Sainte Luce, income-generated activities for women are restricted to reed weaving and mangrove fishing, both of which provide minimal income and simultaneously harm the environment. Many women are forced to rely on the marginal fishing income of their husbands and fathers, perpetuating a cycle of dependency. 

Madagascar currently ranks 120th out of 128 countries listed on the Women’s Economic Opportunity Index

Economist Intelligence Unit, 2012

Income generated from selling my embroidery with Stitch has not only helped afford school and hospital fees but small luxuries like new clothes for church and celebrations.

Esterline, President of Stitch Sainte Luce


We have worked to combat inequalities by providing women with embroidery training, a career-oriented skill that supports financial independence. Since its conception Project Stitch Sainte Luce has grown from 20 to over 103 women by allowing the original embroiders to become both mentors and trainers of each new cohort, contributing to an increasingly self-sustainable cycle. The members draw inspiration from the diverse local wildlife and beautiful natural landscapes to produce high-quality bags, purses and other accessories.

Now it's time to focus on expanding, strengthening, and increasing the independence of the cooperative, preparing to provide long-term sustainable livelihoods to women, without external donor funding. With the embroidery generating income, the women in the village have been able to support over 948 people throughout Sainte Luce by feeding, educating, clothing or supplementing healthcare costs of others. We hope this will inspire other women to set-up similar initiatives, helping to fight poverty and promote gender equality throughout Madagascar!


Continually thanks to our two long-term donors: The Leopardess Foundation and The Fresh Leaf Charitable Foundation.