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Here in Madagascar, your donations go further than you might think! We asked our team what they’d do with just £10 per month. No turkey and Netflix for us – all we want in our stockings is a bee suit, a headtorch and a training session for some fishers! Donate today and you'll make a real difference to some of the most isolated and impoverished communities in the world.

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For a small organisation like SEED Madagascar, your contributions make a real difference. With a few clicks, you can provide the support that could change someone’s life by donating towards our vital project work in southeast Madagascar. As we’re a small charity without fancy offices, marketing teams or big salaries, 92% of the money you donate is spent directly in pursuit of our projects.

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Donations via Bitcoin

SEED Madagascar is one of the first charities in the UK to accept donations in the form of cryptocurrency.

In doing so, we are keeping pace with changing technology and are expanding our ability to reach potential supporters. Our aim is to make the donations process as smooth as possible and to increase the ease with which supporters can reach us and make a difference.

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How will my money be spent?


Can provide the tools and input necessary to help develop locally managed plantations with fast-growing, sustainable trees.


Can provide a desk and bench for an underequipped public school, improving learning conditions for children who would otherwise study on the floor.


Can provide a well pump to a remote village, ensuring their access to clean drinking water and improving community health.

Needs on the ground change all the time. We aim to be as flexible as possible in helping those most vulnerable so unless requested otherwise your donation will go into general project funds and will be channelled where the need is greatest. That way you can be sure your donation will have the greatest impact possible. See our project work for more information on how we do this.