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Case Studies

RanTek A/S

RanTek A/S began looking at a CSR strategy because they believe it is important for all companies to take a social and environmental responsibility. After being introduced to SEED by a business partner they found us to be a very serious and engaged organisation, and felt that we met with their criteria of working with organisations that deliver long-term impacts.

RanTek invested in the Andramanaka School in Mahatalaky, helping to fund the build of a three-classroom building with desks, benches and blackboards, as well as a latrine block and sanitation station. The school will provide a safe place for the education of over 350 students.

The fact that we could be so deeply engaged also made a huge difference. Meeting all of the beneficiaries by travelling to Madagascar to help build the school was the icing on the cake.

Lone Pedersen, Marketing Manager

Rene Pedersen, RanTek CEO in MadagascarRanTek strive to support projects where the impacts can actually be followed step by step. Having joined the school build on the ground they can see the difference their investment has made to a whole community. Two volunteers from RanTek, including CEO Rene Pedersen, spent two weeks in Madagascar working through the torrential rain and camping at the construction site to lay foundations and starting building the walls.

It’s one thing to fund something, that’s a big deal, but being here and working side by side with the community is inspiring, they work so hard and just keep on going.

Rene Pedersen

RanTek’s CSR programme is something that their employees are proud to be a part of. “100% of RanTek’s employees have been positive about this. To be a part of a company engaging this way makes our employees proud; and RanTek is proud of having an engaged and supportive team. We would absolutely work with SEED again, and we would love to go back to Madagascar.”