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Corporate Sponsorship Case Studies

Teneo, Inc

Teneo’s journey with SEED began way back in 2011 when Operations Director, James Hall, took a career break to spend some time with his family and do some volunteering. After watching David Attenborough’s series on Madagascar James thought it would be a great place to visit. Before long he was booked onto SEED’s 10 week conservation volunteering programme for that Autumn.

It was a life-changing experience, I just felt a real connection and it became a special place for me. Of course, it’s not the easiest place to get to but if it was it wouldn’t be so special.

James Hall, Operations Director

Finished primary school at Manambaro, 2018A few years later Teneo had already been working with some larger international development organisations for their charitable giving when they caught up with our Managing Director, Mark Jacobs. Mark talked them through some of SEED’s current projects including a school build needing 50% of the budget to go ahead. Teneo took the chance to invest. Manambaro School was built in 2018 with two volunteers, including James, going out to assist the build.

We get a tremendous sense of achievement and satisfaction having made a contribution to the global community. I talk about CSR a lot in my job and we don’t do it because it’s a marketing campaign, we do it because we feel there is a duty to give back if we can. It’s always a nice conversation to have internally, with customers, and with new potential employees.

Piers Carey, CEO

In 2019 Teneo invested in their third school, Andramanaka, in collaboration with their business partners RanTek. In May, two more volunteers from the US branch of Teneo headed out for two weeks to help lay foundations and begin building the walls of the school.

It’s something you take for granted, even the infrastructure for a school. To work for a company that truly embodies one of its core values in giving back is amazing and getting the chance to meet the direct beneficiaries of the school, and wider villages, it’s an amazing thing.

Ethan Best, Customer Renewals Executive

Completing in September 2019, the school will have three fully furnished classrooms, a latrine block that includes a menstrual hygiene cubicle and a sanitation station. It will provide a safe place for education for over 350 students from the surrounding communities.

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At Teneo our mission is to open minds to new possibilities. Investing in schools is a really nice fit because whilst we use technology to open minds, education is the key to new possibilities everywhere.

RanTek A/S

RanTek A/S began looking at a CSR strategy because they believe it is important for all companies to take a social and environmental responsibility. After being introduced to SEED by a business partner they found us to be a very serious and engaged organisation, and felt that we met with their criteria of working with organisations that deliver long-term impacts.

RanTek invested in the Andramanaka School in Mahatalaky, helping to fund the build of a three-classroom building with desks, benches and blackboards, as well as a latrine block and sanitation station. The school will provide a safe place for the education of over 350 students.

The fact that we could be so deeply engaged also made a huge difference. Meeting all of the beneficiaries by travelling to Madagascar to help build the school was the icing on the cake.

Lone Pedersen, Marketing Manager

Rene Pedersen, RanTek CEO in MadagascarRanTek strive to support projects where the impacts can actually be followed step by step. Having joined the school build on the ground they can see the difference their investment has made to a whole community. Two volunteers from RanTek, including CEO Rene Pedersen, spent two weeks in Madagascar working through the torrential rain and camping at the construction site to lay foundations and starting building the walls.

It’s one thing to fund something, that’s a big deal, but being here and working side by side with the community is inspiring, they work so hard and just keep on going.

Rene Pedersen

RanTek’s CSR programme is something that their employees are proud to be a part of. “100% of RanTek’s employees have been positive about this. To be a part of a company engaging this way makes our employees proud; and RanTek is proud of having an engaged and supportive team. We would absolutely work with SEED again, and we would love to go back to Madagascar.”

Evergreen Insurance Services

We are delighted to partner with Evergeen Insurance Services, providers of both personal and business insurance with a commitment to giving back, validated by their nomination for a Big Green Award for CSR last year. Through Evergreen, customers will be able to donate up to 25% of the commission the company earns on their policy to our project work, supporting us across all four of our programmatic areas: Community Health, Education, Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods.

With a lifelong passion for our natural world, it is important to Evergreen that they do everything they can to help protect our environment. Through the choices we make on a day to day basis, reducing our impact on waste and becoming more energy efficient. If we make alternative choices, we can help make a difference, business can play a huge part in this. Evergreen Insurance Services was founded in 2017 as an opportunity to provide businesses and consumers with the insurance solutions they need, whilst also giving back to support our natural world. Evergreen donates up to 25% of their earnings back to one of their nature charity partners, helping to support their vital work, protecting living landscapes and habitats for species that are under threat. From local wildlife rescue centres through to global protection programs Evergreen’s aim is to help with ongoing funding through the arrangement of insurance.

Dave Gardiner, Founding Director
Find out more about Evergreen’s ethical insurance policies

Circus PPC

SEED have been partnered with Circus, a PPC specialist agency, for the last two years. Circus' goals are to help their clients grow whilst saving money and have many strong case studies to support this.

Support to all charities is important, however the smaller charities are the ones that tend to miss out on support on a day to day basis from the general public, whilst also missing out on exposure from the wider media, which is why it is important to help bring these to the forefront of the minds of potential donors.

Anna Wood, PPC Manager

For SEED, Circus provides PPC advertising support, helping boost our presence through Google Search ads. Since working with Circus we have seen an uplift of 82% in impressions year on year and a 188% increase in clicks to our website. As we get a Google grant for our paid activity, Circus felt it was only fair that they didn’t charge for the management fee either, and support us as their way of giving back to the community. Wherever possible SEED try to establish mutually beneficial partnerships, and we were pleased to hear that Circus have seen a stronger engagement from their employees in what they do for charities, so much so that internal conversations have begun on how the agency can help raise more money for their charitable partners.

When Google changed the rules for the Google funded accounts we realised a lot of charities will suffer as a result, as most of them manage the PPC in-house and will not know how to bring the account in line with the new Google changes. We therefore decided we will manage the paid search activity for one charity for free. Whilst SEED Madagascar wasn’t the first charity we’d worked with, we saw the worthy cause and wanted to take the opportunity to help SEED as well.

Ahmed Chopdat, Commercial Director
Circus PPC Agency