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Working with Businesses

With 20 years of experience in assessing, designing, developing and implementing sustainable development projects with demonstrable success, SEED is well-placed to truly address international sustainability goals. We only work on projects where the need has clearly been established. Throughout development and implementation, we work with local communities and organisations to ensure sustainability of our projects’ impacts.

Where businesses are concerned, SEED act as the embedded and experienced implementation partner. With your support, we develop projects that not only address issues in country, but can also align to your company values and social and environmental responsibility goals.

SEED is committed to helping you develop and fulfil your business’ Corporate Social Responsibility by working with us. We can help you give people access to clean water, sanitation and healthcare; provide facilities to educate children, provide women with the opportunity to contribute to their household income and close the gender gap in traditional communities. We can help you contribute to the international reforestation of immensely damaged environment, which not only provides hundreds of species with a place to live and thrive but also reduces global carbon emissions. Support does not have to be financial and can take the form of in-kind support or active with staff playing a first-hand role.

To support you, we have a modest office in London with a dedicated Corporate Liaison Officer on hand to support you with your CSR goals, from reporting on impacts through to creating visual content to inspire staff and clients.

Why our projects?

By focusing on the four thematic areas of Sustainable Livelihoods, Environmental Conservation, Education Infrastructure and Community Health, we’ve become the region’s leading actor for sustainable change. We have empowered local communities, partner organisations and government authorities to fulfil their own development goals. Each of our projects is initiated after a request for help and an in-depth needs assessment, which means we only develop projects that are needed - we’re not building wells in villages that already have 10 of them. We work closely with full agreement of all stakeholders, adhering to strict Value for Money guidelines to create the greatest sustainable change for the smallest financial input.

Sustainable Development Goals

Find out how SEED's work contributes to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

How we've used funding

Sustainable livelihoods

Develop sustainable alternative income activities that are sustainable and do not degrade natural resources:

  • Sustainable management solutions for lobster stock
  • Provision of training and equipment for beekeepers to sell honey nationally
  • A 94 woman-strong embroidery cooperative


Protect threatened ecosystems through research and community involvement:

  • Provided weekly environmental education for children
  • Established locally-run tree nurseries for reforestation
  • Contributing to international conservation research


Improve education infrastructure to increase access to and quality of rural education:

  • Built 100 new classrooms throughout the southeast of Madagascar
  • Built 2,000 bench-desks so that children don't study on the floor
  • Provided adequate sanitation infrastructure and education for students and teachers

Community Health & WASH

Build local capacity to improve access to and knowledge of good health practices:

  • Providing new mums with information to keep their children safe and healthy
  • Working with the government to include rights-based sexual health education in the national school curriculum
  • Bringing clean drinking water to 27 bush communities through training in well construction, maintenance and WASH practices

Corporate Social Responsibility

By partnering with SEED on your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives you are directly contributing to global sustainable development. You are furthering progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals and playing a part in transitioning to a more sustainable world. Reputationally, you are positioning your business as a leader in sustainability, using your power as a business to influence others in taking responsibility for their actions, engaging with like-minded customers, clients and suppliers and differentiating yourself from competitors. Working with our projects also provides you with the ability to report tangible impacts in your sustainability reporting and build credible communications around your initiatives.