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Leave a gift in your Will

How will your gift make a difference?

Gifts in Wills are a vital part of SEED Madagascar’s long-term financial security, enabling us to continue to fund projects which make a genuine, positive impact on the lives of those in Madagascar for years to come.

Leaving us a gift in your Will enables you to support a cause close to your heart. In the words of the Malagasy proverb:

 ‘Manaova fatin-tantely ka maty vao mamela mamy ho an’ny fokonolona

‘depart from life like a Bee, leaving sweetness for the community’

A gift in your Will could help support: the conservation of Madagascar’s extraordinary and unique wildlife; teach new mothers to care for their babies; enable those living in isolated, rural areas to develop sustainable livelihoods; or help to construct schools, so future generations can find a way out of poverty and build better futures.

Leaving a gift to SEED Madagascar, without specifying a project, enables us to move the money where it is most needed at the time, and can make the difference between much needed projects going ahead or not. We’re here to talk through any of the possibilities, provide detail and answer any questions.

How do I leave a gift in my Will to support SEED Madagascar’s mission?

A gift can be left in two ways, by either being written into a new Will or, by being added to an existing Will using a Codicil. We recommend speaking to a solicitor regarding these options to find out which is the best choice for you.

We realise that the process of finding reliable Will specialists can be long and tiresome, to combat this we have partnered up with Kwil, the UK’s top rated online will writing service. Writing a simple will through their service is quick and easy, only taking 30 minutes to complete. Additionally, by writing your will through their services, Kwil has guaranteed that 50% of the online fee for using this services will be donated to SEED, thus immediately supporting our work in Madagascar. In addition, whilst there is no obligation to also leave a gift in your Will to SEED Madagascar, we hope that after thinking about loved ones, you may wish to consider us as well. Any gift, large or small, will help us to continue our vital work to ensure the sustainable development of this unique island.

If this is a service that would interest you, click here to begin building your will through Kwil.

Although Kwil is a quick and simple service, we would also encourage those of you who are less certain about your financial assets to seek legal advice before writing your will.

If you choose to get your Will written by a solicitor you can still specify a gift to SEED Madagascar. The details you need to include are set out in our Further information section below.

SEED welcomes gifts in any form, so once again we strongly recommend you speak to a solicitor to decide which type of gift benefits your situation the most, and to go through the wording for each request.

We understand that leaving a gift in your Will is a deeply personal process, therefore we encourage you to speak to our Managing Director Mark Jacobs [], if you have any specific requests or enquiries about what your legacy is used for. That way we can ensure that we fulfil all your wishes regarding the gift you wish to give.

Additionally, if you have decided to leave us a gift in your Will, please get in touch so we can get to know our supporters and thank you properly for your support.

Further Information:

Details to include in your Will to ensure your gift reaches us:

SEED Madagascar, Unit 7, 1A Beethoven Street, London W10 4LG, UK

Registered charity in England and Wales (1079121)

Types of Gifts and Wording of the Bequest

A percentage (residuary) gift:

This comprises of a percentage of a person’s estate once all other gifts have been taken into account. These gifts are useful as they retain their value over time as they are not devalued by inflation. 

Example wording: “I give a … % share of the residue of my estate to SEED Madagascar, Unit 7, 1A Beethoven Street, London, W10 4LG, UK registered charity number 1079121, to be used for its general charitable purposes.”

A cash (pecuniary) gift:

This is a fixed amount of money which you decide to leave to a person/organisation. These can be protected by ensuring that they are index linked, this safeguards their value over time.

Example wording: “I give the sum of £ (words and figures) to SEED Madagascar, Unit 7, 1A Beethoven Street, London, W10 4LG, UK registered charity number 1079121, to be used for its general charitable purposes.”

A specific gift

This type of gift is in the form of a specific item or object, such as jewellery or a house.

Example wording: “I give my [….] to SEED Madagascar, Unit 7, 1A Beethoven Street, London, W10 4LG, UK registered charity number 1079121, to be used for general charitable purposes.”