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Volunteer in Madagascar

For 20 years SEED has worked with the local communities in the littoral forests of Sainte Luce (south-east Madagascar), studying and protecting the incredible biodiversity it has to offer.

Over this time, we have welcomed over 1,000 volunteers from across the world to come join us and discover the unique diversity that these threatened forest fragments and surrounding habitats support.

While working alongside our expert research team, volunteers will directly contribute to projects across our whole conservation research programme. From lemur and herpetofauna surveys, to palms microhabitats and seed collecting, and so much more! Volunteers will gain hands-on research and data collection skills, while being immersed in the flora and fauna south-east Madagascar has to offer.

No previous experience or skills in conservation is required to volunteer, we just ask that you have a passion for the environment, an open-mind, and a sense of adventure!

Red chameleon in Sainte Luce, MadagascarConservation Research

Join our SEED Conservation Research Programme (SCRP) in stunning Sainte Luce!
Choose to join us for 2-8 weeks, contributing towards genuine scientific research. Study species including lemurs, frogs, chameleons, palms, and more, alongside our expert research team and the local community. If you’re interested in an internship, please get in touch.

SEED Conservation Research Programme (SCRP)

A high school group volunteeringGroup volunteering

We also offer bespoke volunteering experiences for groups from 10-30 participants, including high schools, colleges, universities and corporate groups. Activities can include construction (e.g. school building), assisting with conservation research, or even English teaching. All activities are safe and fully risk assessed. Design a custom programme which fits your needs!

Group volunteering in Madagascar