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Fundraising advice

With an ever growing need in Madagascar and very limited resources we always welcome fundraisers to support our vital projects on the ground, so your efforts however big or small are very much appreciated by SEED Madagascar and the communities that we serve. So, thank you for raising funds for SEED Madagascar!

Here are some thoughts on what you could do along with resources that we have that could help you to help us to help Madagascar:



Events come in all shapes and sizes and can involve few hours input or many months of careful planning so it is important at the outset to think about the time you have spare. A simple event such as a pub quiz or gig can be a great way to have a lovely evening, gather friends together and raise some funds for SEED Madagascar at the same time. This sort of event is simply a case of finding your venue and entertainment and working out a strategy to draw in your attendees.


You may wish to consider a sponsored event such as an endurance event like a marathon or a ‘virtual’ event in the gym. SEED Madagascar can provide sponsor forms or you can use an online link via our partner Enthuse which you can personalise and distribute via social media!

Social Media

If you have a special occasion coming up and rather than get presents, you’d prefer to get your friends and family to donate to a cause that you feel passionate about then we’d love to be that cause! When your birthday comes around, Facebook will offer you the chance to ask for donations – why not choose SEED as your selected charity?

Create a Facebook fundraiser for SEED Madagascar 

Tag SEED Madagascar in your social media posts and we will do our best to share and help you promote your fundraising.


  • Sell things on Ebay- SEED Madagascar partner with eBay so you can choose to donate some or all of your profits to Madagascar. It’s quick and easy to do as part of the process of selling an item and we really appreciate the support.
  • Design and sell Christmas cards or postcards if you are artistic. SEED Madagascar also has some lemur Christmas cards which we can give you to sell with proceeds going towards your donation.
  • Make bags or toys out of scrap materials. Use up any leftovers that you have in the attic so that you keep costs to a minimum. In winter, knit scarves, gloves, iPad cases – anything!
  • Charity car boot sales: Collect items from friends and family. Speak to organisers in advance and see if they will allow your stall for free.

Use your connections

Often people can help our work without actually giving themselves! For example a company you work for may have a charitable foundation that is led by employees. With a little research, a few well-placed conversations and support from SEED Madagascar with the paperwork you can do amazing things. Such connections in the past have resulted in new schools, wells and many other benefits for the great red island. As the old adage goes ‘it is not what you know but who you know’…so who do you know that may be able to really make a difference in Madagascar? Please introduce us. Many employers will also be willing to match employees donations, be it from an event or challenge, or a personal donation.

Contact local Rotary or Lions clubs

Most towns and regions will have a Rotary and/or Lions Club and many supporters receive donations from undertaking a talk or discussion with their local club. SEED Madagascar can help by providing a Powerpoint if you would like assistance with a presentation.

Find your local Rotary club here

Find your local Lions club here

Hazel.jpgStill wondering how to fundraise?

For more detail on fundraising we’d also suggest that you have a look at our fundraising manual. While this is specially prepared for people joining our volunteer programmes in Madagascar, it is packed full of ideas that will be relevant to anyone wishing to help in this way. You’re also welcome to run your ideas or questions by any of the team in the SEED Madagascar London office!

Check out Hazel's fundraising page. She personalised map cushion covers to help raise the fund for her SEED Madagascar programme.

Frequently asked questions

I want to raise funds but I’m not from the UK
Fundraising outside the UK for SEED Madagascar is very similar to inside. The main difference is that there is no Gift Aid from outside the UK and other (sometimes beneficial) tax rules apply in other countries. US based donors for example may be able to donate via SEED Madagascar collaborator CAF America and obtain the benefits of tax exempt status but it is worth noting this is only on donations greater than $500 and there is a fee attached (see our fundraising manual for details) that will not go to SEED Madagascar.

What is Gift Aid?
If a donor pays tax in the UK then through the Gift Aid Scheme SEED Madagascar can often claim a further 25p for every pound raised. All we need is permission from the donor and a basic form filled out (find this in our fundraising manual). Online platforms may do this automatically as part of the donation process but it is always worth being ‘Gift Aid aware’ to maximise benefits.

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