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If you come to Madagascar with a love for wildlife, you will leave with a passion for conservation. If you are up for an adventure with SEED Madagascar, here are my top tips:

  1. Be open minded. There are so many views and opinions and so much to learn

  2. Bring positive energy. Though it may look like a long time, your time in the bush flies by so get stuck in!

  3. Embrace the basic life. Remember, your first bucket shower is the worst. There is also limited electricity and phone signal

  4. Learn some Malagasy before-hand. You will get some lessons whilst you are here but having a headstart comes in handy and helps you build rapport with the community.

  5. Ask questions. The Research Assistants and Guides are amazing at what they do!

  6. Bring creature comforts. This might be a pillow or your favourite sauce.

This experience has been something words cannot describe, I felt so strongly about being in Sainte Luce and my experience with the SEED SCRP team that I chose to extend my time here by two weeks. Not only will I be taking home memories, I will also be taking away stories like the time I spotted a Pygmy Chameleon, the joys of forest analysis research and tales around the bonfire. Most importantly, I will be taking home a new outlook on life.



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