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Volunteer stories: Bethan's story

Bethan George – Pioneer

Beth volunteered on the Pioneer programme. After her experience, she was inspired to fundraise over £2000 for the Tsagnoria School project!

Here is her story…

I decided to fundraise for Tsagnoria School because I was inspired by what I saw with my own eyes in Madagascar, the necessity for these projects to help such gracious people, and how much they have helped the local communities.

Tsagnoria school's current dilapidated state

I am passionate about human development, and studying Geography at university guided my knowledge about helping poverty-stricken communities in sustainable ways. Due to this, I can see that SEED Madagascar is an extremely responsible charity which undertakes development projects in the correct way, involving the community to produce benefits suitable to their lives!

In order to fundraise, I used business contacts starting with close family and asking them to send the links out to any colleagues or friends that may be willing to help! I also included a brief passionate description of my reason for wanting funding.

Beth in Madagascar

I just love SEED Madagascar as a charity, it stands up for a lot of things I believe in! This is why I am holding my own fundraiser over Christmas to try and raise more dollar!