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Ambinanikely Fire Appeal

At 12.30pm local time on November 4th, 2020, a fire broke out in Ambinanikely, a neighbourhood less than ½ mile from our office. Fanned by extremely strong winds, it quickly spread through the wooden houses in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Fort Dauphin.

With no mains water and the local water point 150 metres away, people began fighting a losing battle against the fire and winds. Whilst some threw sand on their houses, others ran to the water point with buckets and pans to collect what water they could.

Although local fire engines managed to gain access to the worst of the fire through a neighbouring property, it took several hours for the fire to be brought under control. Once the fire was out, nothing remained of the houses or people’s possessions. Those affected, had nothing left but the clothes that they were wearing at the time and faced a night at best living with extended family, or at worst sleeping in the open.

In total, 37 homes were destroyed and the families rendered destitute. Given rising food prices and unemployment brought about through the impacts of COVID-19, these families have no reserves left to draw from.

SEED is co-ordinating an immediate appeal to raise £3,000 for essential items for families needed over the first few days and weeks. Clothing, blankets, menstrual hygene kits, soap, cups and spoons will be given to families, whilst we continue to work and adapt our response to fit in with the response of the town and other organisations.

Some ways in which your money could be spent:

  • Household essential items pack £29
  • Menstrual hygiene products £3.50 per woman
  • Provision of hot drinks on site for two weeks by employing women displaced £11.50 per day

Please give and support families who woke up one day with a house, food and clothes and the day after woke up with nothing.

Donate to our emergency fire appeal
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Donate to our emergency fire appeal and help rebuild the lives of families affected by this devastating fire