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Coronavirus/COVID-19: Currently we are continuing our programmes in Madagascar, but we need your support. Coronavirus Appeal

SEED Mask Exchange

The SEED Mask Exchange is simple, you can support our work by:

  • Buying protective cloth face masks at £5 each, or
  • Making masks for others to buy at £5 each

African print masksSo far, we've sold more than 1,286 masks, raising over £6,948 for Madagascar to be used as part of our COVID-19 Response work, making a vital difference here.

We are able to share our simple pattern to make the masks and the sale of each one generates essential funds for the SEED COVID-19 appeal. Just one £5 mask sold in the UK could commission 5 masks to be made by skilled community members in Madagascar. Each purchase provides some protection to the most vulnerable in Madagascar, supports local livelihoods and of course helps to protect you and your community too.

Health infrastructure in Madagascar is extremely limited, making it ill-prepared and highly vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19. Cases in Madagascar continue to rise. Communities, health clinics, and Government are simply not prepared or equipped to cope with the sweeping devastation that COVID-19 could bring. Whilst people in developed countries are being told to wash their hands and use hand sanitiser, in Madagascar, families, schools, and even hospitals do not have access to water, and hand sanitiser is the equivalent price of a day's salary for most.

You can find out about our efforts to prepare communities for the pandemic by reading our latest briefing. As you will see we’ve been busy doing all we can to support and prepare communities, so far commissioning over 15,800 Masks for the most vulnerable, distributing 2,665 Posters, airing 735 Radio broadcasts and providing 137 hand-washing stations. But our funds are starting to run out and we need your help.

masks-distributed-fort-dauphin-madagascar.jpgIf you’d like to buy masks then please make a donation to this appeal of £5 per mask (+ £1 postage and packing for the UK and £2 international per order) and leave us your postal address in the donation form for postage. We'll get the mask(s) out to you either direct from us or from one of our volunteer makers within a few days.

If you would like to become a volunteer mask-maker, please contact us on

Let the exchange begin!

If you have any questions or ideas for sharing the exchange, please send us an email to