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A review of the known Pteropus rufus (É. Geoffrey, 1803) colonies surrounding the Tolagnaro region of southeast Madagascar

Sam Hyde Roberts, Mark D. Jacobs, Ryan M. Clark, Charlotte M. Daly, Longosoa H. Tsimijaly, Retsiraiky J. Rossizela, Samuel T. Prettyman.

We surveyed 10 Pteropus rufus roost sites within the southeastern Anosy Region of Madagascar to provide an update on the areas’ known flying fox population and its conservation status. We report on two new colonies from Manambaro and Mandena and provide an account of the colonies first reported and last assessed in 2006. Currently only a solitary roost site receives any formal protection (Berenty) whereas further two colonies rely solely on taboo ‘fady’ for their security. We found that only two colonies now support an increased number of bats compared with a decade ago, whilst a further two colonies have been either displaced or disturbed and could no longer be found. A single colony appears to have declined significantly whereas a further three colonies appear to have remained static. In light of a decree that has imposed a specific hunting season for fruit bats, we hope that this census can provide a baseline for future population monitoring and contribute towards the assessment of the effectiveness of the legislation.

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Madagascar Conservation and Development, 2016 Jul; 11(1):23-32.
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