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SEED Madagascar

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Project Sekoly

A school-building and maintenance project tackling the urgent need for more schools in the Anosy Region.


  • Status: building activities progressing in Manambaro; preparing to repair a school building in Mahatalaky; and seeking additional funding for a second Mahatalaky school building repair
  • Date: 2006 - present
  • Target population: Children and young people aged 6-22 years
  • Location: Throughout Anosy Region, southeast Madagascar
  • Project Partners: Ministry of Education; District and Regional educational authorities; local communities

Why is it important?

Imagine if your chances of an education were decided on a coin toss: heads you go to school, tails you remain illiterate with limited opportunities and low income. For the children of Anosy, the likelihood that they will ever go to school is just that: a 50/50 chance. There simply aren’t enough school places to go round. For the 50% of children who do attend school, classrooms are often so overcrowded and teachers underqualified that learning anything is an everyday battle and one that many do not win – exam pass rates are low and only likely to be deteriorating due to underinvestment in education since the 2009 coup. Poor sanitation facilities also limit students’ achievements and every year Madagascar loses 3.5 million school days to diarrhoea.

Over 1.5 million primary school aged children are out of school

UNICEF, 2012

What we're doing

Project Sekoly is SEED Madagascar's school construction project that aims to provide safe, suitable and comfortable school infrastructure to communities in need. Sekoly provides new schools to communities where children previously had to walk many miles to school, adds additional buildings to schools which are vastly oversubscribed, and refurbishes schools which have fallen into disrepair. Alongside school buildings, SEED Madagascar also builds latrines, wells and rainwater harvesting systems at schools to help improve student health and increase the likelihood that girls in particular will attend school.

Mahialambo primary school after repairs

In recognition of the chronic need for education infrastructure in Anosy, Sekoly is an ongoing project which will continue to address school infrastructure needs for as long as there is funding available and a demand for improvements.

Communities are involved in all stages of Sekoly to ensure the suitability and sustainability of the work . Almost all of the initial requests for Sekoly support originate from the communities themselves (the remainder come via educational authorities). Community members are central to the construction, supported by ONG Azafady's Construction team and, often, international volunteers working through our Pioneer programme. Once construction is complete, each community takes on responsibility for ongoing maintenance of the school buildings with SEED Madagascar's support to ensure the benefits of the infrastructure are felt for years.


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Principal donors to the project include (in alphabetical order): Australian Aid; Bobasch-Joel Foundation; Bower Trust; Cumber Family Charitable Trust; Flamingo Foundation; The Fresh Leaf Charitable Foundation; The George Family; German Embassy in Madagascar; Guernsey; Hazel’s Footprints Trust; JP Morgan; Kulczyk Foundation; Nando Peretti Foundation; RanTek; Roger Vere Foundation; Renzo Piano Building Workshop; Silverado; Southall Trust; Supreme Master Ching Hai Intl. Association;Teneo; Trade Aid; True Volunteer Foundation (formerly Lifecycle); and many other smaller donors.